Essay Writing on Abortion (Serious Problem)

Essay Writing on Abortion (Serious Problem)

Abortion Essay

Abortion is a process to get rid of an unwanted child. Many laws have been passed and many debates have been done on this issue that whether abortion should be legalized or not. There are people who support the idea to have an abortion, and, on the other hand, there are those who condemn this act. Read the essay writing on abortion further to learn about it in detail.

Values it holds

Mainly religion values, cultural value, and societal norms are the reason to rebuke an abortion. Those who conform to such norms are always criticizing the act of murdering an unborn child. There is no flexibility in different religions regarding abortion. All the prominent religions of the world, i.e. Catholic, Protestant, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism oppose aborting an unborn child. There are also people and communities who support abortion, some groups have reformed their religion to support this act, and some have risen based on the rights of women to have an abortion.

Reason for abortion

One must analyze the reason that has compelled a woman to kill her fetus rather than criticizing her. There are many cases in which a girl or a woman has no choice except getting rid of the fetus, i.e. a teenage girl got pregnant because of an illicit relation she had, an unhealthy mother who will die if she won’t abort, and a victim of a rape. These cases and many other must be considered because it is about the life of a girl and a woman.

Serious problem

Abortion, presently, has become a serious problem and there is much fuss about it, mainly because a single gender has to deal with this issue. Women consider themselves constrained as they are the one to give birth and men are free from all such obligations. They always think themselves as the underprivileged gender. This gender injustice makes women think that they must be given the right to live their lives as men live -free from such birth worries. A woman has to face the world and bear the consequences while the man roams around freely. This view has given rise to most of the feminist groups supporting women’s own choice regarding birth or have an abortion. These organizations work on empowering women to make them realize that they are not deprived of the basic right of choice.

This issue is still a burning topic at present, but more people are now in favor of abortion as compared to the past. A reformed form of religions and cultures has evolved, because of the controversies over abortion. It seems like we are heading towards an era where there would be no restriction on abortion. Then the only hope to save an innocent unborn child would lie in the hand of emotional attachment of a mother to her fetus.

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