Adhering to Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Due to ethical collapses in business, it was felt that some form of academic discipline was necessary for the organization. This resulted in the introduction of “Business Ethics” for setting standards that would make all businesses adhere to business ethics and social responsibility. The first books on business ethics were published in 1979 by writers who had an in-depth knowledge of ethics and political philosophy. Although courses on social issues in management did exist at that time, they did not include a comprehensive way of explaining ethical issues in business. To earn the best grades in your Project Report-Research Papers you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best academic writing needs.

Nature of Business Ethics

The nature of this disciplines involved different subjects of study and comprises academic literature where social scientists combine the theory of ethics and political philosophy that the result in the production of academic works that go beyond disciplinary guidelines by including positive aspects of several disciplines of research Business Ethics are theories that provide the structure for ascertaining whether a business decision is principally and morally correct or incorrect. This envisages the two types of decisions that are applicable in any given situation because if the consequences are good then the decision is right and vice versa.

Ethical Decisions

Ethical decisions can further be categorized as either “Egoism” is what that equates self-interest with morality which means that if an egoist contends that a decision is morally right if he benefits from it, while Utilitarianism works to bring about the most satisfaction for all concerned. Since a specific organization is being discussed in this paper, the purpose is to define and set a framework that will set the standards for the organization to maintain ethical standards in their business. It is primarily the task of management to organize the norms of ethical standards because corporations have their own social responsibilities to customers without comprising it’s the original purpose of the business, which is to make profits. Making profits and maintaining communal responsibility could be quite difficult, but in recent years it has become essential to implement norms of corporate ethics for high morale within the organization.


Critics contend that ethics should not only envisage ethical theories but the morally important aspects of given situations and the reasonableness that is essential for making ethically positive decisions. In spite of these current progressions, the influences of philosopher Emanuel Kant remain quite prominent even in contemporary ethical theories. From the viewpoint of scholars, common sense perspectives have an important place in the determination of ethical conduct and can present a satisfactory structure for making business decisions. Another part where Kantian effects are pervasive is in the training of human rights. A lot of modern theories have been produced from the perceptions of political theorists and law researchers and scholars and who concern themselves primarily on the logical relationship between national laws and international conventions concerning discussions on human rights.

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