Admiring Film and Sports Personalities

We human beings have been imbued with the principle of worshipping heroes.  Most of our literature tell us about some extraordinary person with astounding potential and compel us to become like him. In the modern world, film and sports personalities hold the same position. They are being worshiped and admired by millions of people because of their remarkable personalities and widespread fame. These famous personalities are role models for their fans, people who like them always want to imitate them. There is nothing wrong when it comes to admiring these famous personalities, however, when people try to imitate them, then it not always leads to a positive development.

People use to imitate those famous personalities whom they admire. But this should not be a blind following and imitation. There are many famous celebrities who are known for their careless attitude towards life and their extravagant lifestyle. They own luxury vehicles and wears expensive designer’s garments. When a person tries to follow the path of such celebrity, then he is likely to face financial difficulties in future. The celebrities who spend without thinking, earn millions of dollars, therefore, they do not bother to spend their money prudently.

Apart from adopting the habit of overspending, people also imitate unhealthy eating habits of celebrities they like. Girls want to become wafer thin like famous models. To achieve such body, they adopt unhealthy eating habits and are prone to getting different health related issues. Moreover, media has changed the definition of success and perfection by portraying flawless celebrities as a symbol of success. People want to become like these celebrities in order to achieve success. These people, in their quest of becoming like their favorite celebrity, ignore the fact that what media shows is not always right. There is no denying that film and sports celebrities are great achievers, but taking them as a paragon of virtue and as a symbol of success is wrong.

In short, it is an unavoidable fact that film and sports personalities have achieved great fame and financial security with their remarkable potentials and abilities. But it does not mean that one can achieve the same amount of fame simply by imitating them. Indeed these personalities are worthy of admiration, and there is nothing wrong when it comes to mere admiration. However, when a person becomes obsessed with some particular celebrity, he/she starts to imitate everything that celebrity does.  This blind imitation has negative impact on his/her mental and physical development.