American History on Union


After the civil war in America History, industrialization has underlined outcomes in regards to politics, society, and economy. These outcomes have transferred farms to cities. Industrialization has helped the American society and its economy. The society was improved by freeing the slaves and improving the rights of women. There are expansions of industries, which created and developed better ways of growing and expanding the business. One of the core aspects of industrialization, which has influenced the American society greatly, was approval of the thirteenth amendment. According to which the slavery of African Americans was outlawed. Read further to learn about American History on Union.

Major Aspects of Industrialization between 1865 and 1920

There were various features in regards to industrialization in the year 1865 until 1920. One of the core features is the rise of big business. Several factories were developed in this entire period. As factories were built in large number the use of machinery was also increased. Many big and effective business mergers were done, which help in developing the monopolies. Moreover, in regards to the growth of the economy, the government introduced laissez-faire policy. The government developed few rules and regulation, as businesspersons were allowed to make their own decisions. Availability of a large number of workers was also the main feature of industrialization during this period.  There were various aspects involved in regards to the industrialization in America between the years 1865-1920. This evolution had substantial impacts on the lives of people living in the United States.

Specific Groups that were affected by Industrialization

There were various groups, which were affected in regards to industrialization. The first group was child labor. The underage children working was the main issue at that time. The children in Britain and US were forced to do work in order to support their families. They have to miss their schools and work for long hours in factories or coal mines on low wages. Workplace treatment was worse; they are beaten on minor errors and does not provide with sufficient food.

The second group was women working on the assembly line. Due to the fire at Triangle Shirtwaist factory killed around 145 workers. The causalities could have been minimized if the company would have taken safety precautions.

The third group was Black Entrepreneurship. The newly maintained black business was the major threat to white business. The grocery stores were set by African Americans, which drew customers away from the white-owned store.

Industrialization & Life of the Average Working American

The life of average working class in America was affected in many ways in regards to industrialization. As the technology was booming, it was creating thousands of job opportunities. This helps in lowering the rate of unemployment and raise the living standards. Equalization was the first step.

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