Analysis of Operations Management Activities

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Aspects of the Businesses – Operations Management Activities

One of the aspects of the businesses and their developmental strategies is the operation management. This factor in developmental strategies deals with production side and customer service systems. It refers to the practices involved in the production of the commodities and delivery of services as required by the clients.

The only cause for which the companies and organizations all over the world are striving is to provide great customer services and to ensure their highest level of satisfaction. It is of fundamental importance for all the corporations no matter what industry they operate in. Customer satisfaction must be assured at all levels as their needs are the soul of a business. The satisfaction of customers leads them to make repurchases and recommend the product or service to their friends and family, subsequently helping a business increase its sale and become the market leader in the industry. With satisfaction, customer loyalty is promised.

LensCrafters -Operations Management Activities

LensCrafters operational management includes activities like facility design, chosen technology both in the production of lenses and for customer services, quality control systems, efficient allocation and management of resources and capacity, service encounter systems, and sustainability. As we consider their facility layout, most often their stores are situated in main public settings of the commercial areas of the region. Their stores are wide and spacious to accommodate a good number of customers at a single time and always clean to ensure the healthy environment. All of their goods receive professional showcasing at their stores. The outlook of the stores creates a sense of quality for customers as they step in. Technological advancement in labs and state of the art equipment as used for the examination ensures accurate results and product designs. Quality control and management strategies make the company’s products satisfactory and no complaints are received. However, if the case is the dissatisfactory products are immediately recalled and customers receive a refund or replacement for it. They employ best lens makers and high-quality equipment to provide the highest quality and enough supply of specs for their customers’ needs.

Operations Management Activities

To talk of the operational management challenges faced by LensCrafters, it is the market competition. Most of the chains and retailers to offer specs and examination at lower costs give a tough time to the economic sustainability of LensCrafters. Although LensCrafters is known for its one-hour service, usually customers have no problem waiting longer. So, if LensCrafters adopt this variation in their one-hour service, but only for those who are willing for it, they can effectively reduce the costs without hurting the quality of either service or product.

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