Analyzing the Bible (Know it all)

The Bible

Although the Bible has been written for everyone the authors have interpreted it for a specific audience. Some religious scholars contend that ÔÇťAnalysis of the Bible requires certain reverence to read and understand because of its perpetual significance and its chronological distinctiveness. This means that the Bible is a celestial disclosure and a message for humans at the same time. Giving it undue importance usually leads to inaccuracies. The adherent must try to appreciate the implication for the creative reader to reach an explanation to understand it in its entirety and then use the interpretation methodology to discover its present-day importance.

Objectives of Religious Scholars

The objective of religious scholars is to encourage the reader to make his/her interpretation of the message given in the Bible that is acceptable to them and implement these truths in the everyday lives. Because of the time that has elapsed relating to the 21st century and the proceedings that occurred in the Old and New Testaments, this will pose a great challenge for most contemporary readers. The authors have given confidence to the reader to not be overwhelmed by the text and have provided some tools for readers to carry out genuine Biblical interpretation.

Biblical Interpretation

After a short and enlightening section on Biblical interpretation, religious scholars have divided their book into the different types of writing styles that are evident when one studies the Bible. Different chapters deal with the types of text that is found in the Epistles, in the Gospels and in Wisdom writing Even though some people may not subscribe to the opinion of these religious scholars it is recommended that all Christians should read the Bible, and it is especially recommended that all apologists and Bible teachers must read the book so that they have a better understanding of the Bible.

The Purpose

The purpose of the book is to help the reader to interpret the Bible in its true form and in a better manner. The book establishes this need right in the beginning. While being aware of the possibility that the book can confuse the simple meaning of the text in their aspiration to seem exceptional, the nature of the reader and the text bring about an absolute prominence on simple reading seems somewhat immature. However, it is obvious that not all those who read the bible are interpreters. Since understanding the words of God is dominant, one should adopt sensible procedures.  The plethora of opposing theologians who all make claims about understanding the true meaning of the scriptures shows the importance of reading such a book.

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