Asian Students in America (Here is What You Need to Know)

Asian Students

Studies have revealed that most Asian American students excel in their studies and usually receive top grades throughout their studies. Most of these students make it through college and also go on for higher studies like doing their Master’s or completing their Doctorate and even specializing in their chosen field and careers. For those students who do not like to face challenges, researchers would like to know how to motivate such students so that they perform at par with their non-western contemporaries. Student achievement theories have attempted to find answers by concentrating on the role of mastery and accomplishment in motivating non-western students.

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This issue gained prominence when educational psychologists started an investigation of students from different cultures where it was obvious that mastery and accomplishments of objectives did not fully take into account the complexity of students’ Ways and methods of Motivating non-western students has always interested academicians who classify that Asian American students are a ‘model minority’. Teachers teaching non-western students to realize that there is a difference between student’s natural intelligence and abilities and developing expertise and the mastering of any subject.

Intelligent Students

Some very intelligent students dislike challenges and will not make the effort to meet any challenges. In fact, they wane when faced with difficulties whereas some not very bright students really like to face challenges head-on and show persistence and dedication for achieving their objects through hard work and persistence. Many teachers in the west have this common misconception that non-western students rely upon rote to pass exams and prefer passive forms of learning. That is not entirely true and teachers must learn how to motivate their non-western students who learn by rote to face challenges and achieve their objective through hard work and by understanding what they are studying so that they can face all challenges.  The obvious connection between practice and theory for non-western students is because of their cultural influence and family traditions.


The students perform well in school and organize their academic objectives and achievements because they strive to maintain the beliefs of their community members that they have to do well in their educational achievements. This envisages the belief in sacrifice and synchronization among members of the family and assuming a role that is according to the group’s overall objectives Behavior modes of thinking and the acquisition of knowledge and learning is regarded as maturity in Asian cultures which encourages non-western students to design their academic objectives around the needs of their family and community members and to meet them by performing well in their studies Non-western students are conscious of the struggles of their parents to achieve financial stability because of cultural and language limitations and they also gain motivation by the economic conditions of their households.

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