Assignment on Acupuncture (Chinese Medicines)

Traditional Chinese medicines are one of the significant characteristics of Chinese culture. Despite evolving to modern times, Chinese medicine is still linked crucially to its origins. Throughout the globe, it is becoming more widely accepted and is a significant part of Chinese people, Chinese culture, and Chinese history. It is also known as TCM and is mostly seen in the form of massage and acupuncture in the United States. It has existed for a very long time. Acupuncture is related to different thoughts. One of them is Taoism that entails the idea of Yang and Yin. The stressed idea is the maintenance of harmony. Thereby, a balance between the forces at work is highly essential.

Along with this, the working of the theory must be connected with how the working of acupuncture takes place. It is important to consider that the non-violent and passive theme is promoted along with the support of small needles. In addition, through means of detailed observation, the diagnosis is made in a unique manner. Therefore, acupuncture is referred to as not an utterly clinical process.

Moxibustion is another influential technique in Chinese medicine. It eventually is a therapy that includes burning of mugwort root, known as, moxa which eventually is made from spongy herb – Artemesia Vulgaris. The fundamental purpose of this Chinese medicine is healing. A pungent odor along with a considerable deal of smoke is produced when moxa is burned. As invigorating and warming the blood along stimulating its flow is the reason why moxibustion is used. Moreover, the human kidney can be strengthened through this specific Chinese medicine. Historically this Chinese medicine was also used to cure the menstrual pain faced by women.

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