Book Review: The Secret Garden

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The Secret Garden opens by acquainting us with Mary Lennox, a debilitated, foul-tempered, unattractive young lady who adores nobody and whom nobody cherishes. At the start of the story, she is living in India with her folks—a dashing armed force commander and his silly, delightful spouse—however, is infrequently allowed to see them. They have set her under the consistent care of various local workers, as they discover her excessively revolting and tedious, making it impossible to care for. Mary’s conditions are thrown into finish change when an episode of cholera wrecks the Lennox family unit, leaving nobody alive apart from herself.

She is found by a gathering of officers and, after quickly living with an English pastor and his family. She is then sent to live in Yorkshire with her maternal uncle, Archibald Craven. Misselthwaite Manor is a sprawling old home with more than one hundred rooms, all of which have been quiet down by Archibald Craven. A man whom everybody portrays as “a hopeless hunchback,” Master Craven has been in a condition of sad melancholy as far back as the demise of his significant other ten years before the novel starts. Not long after touching base at Misselthwaite, Mary catches wind of a mystery which cultivates from Martha Sowerby who is her well-intentioned Yorkshire maidservant. This garden had a place with the late Mistress Craven; after her demise, Archibald bolted the garden entryway and covered the key underneath the earth.

Mary turns out to be severely inquisitive about the mystery garden and decides to discover it. This interest, alongside the overwhelming activity she goes up against the field, starts to have a high degree of beneficial outcome upon Mary. She very quickly turns out to be less debilitated, more connected with the world, and less foul-tempered. This change is helped by Ben Weatherstaff, a blunt yet compassionately old planter, and a robin redbreast who lives in the mystery plant. She starts to tally these two “individuals,” alongside Martha, Dickon Sowerby, and Susan Sowerby, as the companions she has had in her life. Her interest is whetted when she hears bizarre, far away cries originating from one of the house’s removed rooms.

Be that as it may, Mrs. Medlock, the leader of the hirelings at Misselthwaite, entirely disallows her to search out the wellspring of the cries. She is occupied from this puzzle when she finds, with the robin’s help, the way to the mystery plant. She quickly begins working there, so that the disregarded plants may flourish.

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