Essay: Alcoholism

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Drinking, although very common all over the world is actually not a very fascinating idea from a health point of view and can have long-lasting damages to the functionality of the body. Most of these damages are not instantly visible and as one age out, their effects become evident. Alcohol is a depressant and comprises mainly ethyl alcohol. The effect has on the human body is such that it tends to slow down the body’s reactions and numb out the brain and the nervous system. Its effect is so intense that even a glass of it severely dampens the mind, causes thinking to become unclear and excessive consumption of it makes people pass out.

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Symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19): What are they?

Covid-19 is caused by one of the members of the coronavirus family that has never been experienced before by mankind. It has transferred from animals to humans like another coronavirus. It has been declared by the WHO (World Health Organization) as one of the world’s worst pandemics.

Abstract On Immanuel Kant’s Biomedical Ethics

Biomedical Ethics

As indicated by Immanuel Kant, coming clean is major paying little heed to the outcomes it will create. Lying isn’t right and it neglects the human respect and breaks the trust between individuals. In biomedical morals, medicinal services suppliers are worried about the welfare of a patient and need to measure their activities as to not make any debilitation for a patient. Between the ethical code of doctors and Kant, there is a major gorge since some data no matter how true can have negative impacts on a patient. Paternalism enabled doctors to settle on medicinal decisions for their patients who are awkward to do as such. Nonetheless, research has demonstrated that patients incline toward being told the truth about their medicinal condition. Utilitarianism contends the best choice is one that will have less destructive result and this is upheld be community and consequentialism. In any case, these standards are frail on the grounds that there is no foreseeing a result in therapeutic decisions since all patients are extraordinary.

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Assignment on The Influence of Sexual Trauma on Physical and Mental Health

The sequelae of sexual abuse are extensive, pervasive, and severe. Numerous studies exist showing a constellation of mental health problems associated with the experience of sexual trauma. Continue reading “Assignment on The Influence of Sexual Trauma on Physical and Mental Health”

Thesis on The Success of W.H.O (World Health Organization)

The organization aims at health care development and giving priority for promoting health care problems and treating the vulnerable. World Health Organization focuses on fostering and guaranteeing health security by providing the ability to defend the unprivileged and improving the regulations which are related to International Health. Continue reading “Thesis on The Success of W.H.O (World Health Organization)”

Expert’s suggestion on Coronavirus

More than 300 scientists and researchers from various countries gathered at WHO headquarters in Geneva, to assess so far what is known about COVID-19. In this two-day forum, it is intended to analyze the current situation to develop vaccines and medicines before epidemics are declared and allow accelerate research and development as they occur.

“This outbreak tests our solidarity, both politically and financially and scientifically. We must unite to fight a common enemy that does not respect borders, ensure that we have the necessary resources to end this outbreak, and put our best science to Service of finding shared answers to common problems, “said WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.”I appreciate the positive response that the research community has given by joining us in such a short period of time and proposing concrete plans and a commitment to work together,” concluded the WHO head.

The first infection with this virus in the American nation was notified on January 21, 2020, and the first confirmed case occurred on January 30, as reported by the CDC. So far in the United States, 15 cases have been confirmed, which are in quarantine, negative cases 347, pending cases 81 for a total of 443. The states that have reported these cases with infected people are Arizona, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington and Wisconsin. However, according to the CDC, this virus is not currently spreading in the community in the United States.

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Research Paper on Critical Challenges faced by W.H.O

W.H.O had faced various challenges since its inception. The formation of an organization, which could provide world-class health facilities, was indeed a cumbersome task and there were various delays for its startup. For instance, there were unnecessary delays for signatures from various participating nations such as Japan, Germany and U.S.A. Continue reading “Research Paper on Critical Challenges faced by W.H.O”

Essay on The First Coronavirus Case of Middle East diagnosed in the UAE

According to the health ministry of the country, in the United Arab Emirates, the first case of the new coronavirus in the Middle East has been diagnosed. It was also reported by the health ministry that a family belongs from the central city of Wuhan of China was diagnosed with the disease while they were present in the country and the outbreak got initiated. Continue reading “Essay on The First Coronavirus Case of Middle East diagnosed in the UAE”

Essay on Medicare Program

For a person to qualify for the Medicaid benefits, it is required that the person must be a pregnant woman with a low income or now monthly income. The Medicaid program habitually covers prenatal healthcare for the pregnant women throughout their pregnancy labor, delivery and an additional two months postpartum provided that the woman has low income or doesn’t have any monthly income at all. Therefore, pregnant women who fall in this category would automatically qualify for the Medicaid benefits. Continue reading “Essay on Medicare Program”

Research Paper on Importance of Medicare

Medicare is the federal health coverage plan that offers coverage to the elderly people who are 65 years old and above, a specific group of young people with disabilities and people with end-stage renal disorder. It normally offers hospital insurance, medical insurance, and prescription drug insurance. Hospital insurance entails coverage for the inpatient hospital stay, care in the skilled nursing facility and some home health. Continue reading “Research Paper on Importance of Medicare”