Term Paper on Rulers of Egypt

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The rulers of Egypt were greatly respected by the masses. The Egyptians in the Egyptian civilization considered their ruler’s gods and hence idolized them. All matters of the state and of individuals were decided upon by the rulers and the Egyptians accepted them wholeheartedly. This reverence was of such extent that when these rulers died, they were still treated specially and huge pyramids were built in their honor and to provide them their last resting place.

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Essay on The History of Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa has been one of the greatest humanitarian figures to have served mankind. She is famous for her love and care for mankind and was aware of their sufferings and did her best in whatever way she could to help them through the difficulties in life. She helped the ill heal, provided food, clothing, and shelter to the needy one.

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Essay on How Has The Black Lives Matter Movement Affected View About Racism?

It has been suggested by new research that during the campaign of Black Lives Matter, a positive impact has been witnessed concerning to views and discussions about racism in the United States. During the early years of the social and political crusade. All of the racial groups that had a more egalitarian racial attitude were influence by anti-racist social movements such as Black Lives Matter. In 2013, the Black Lives Matter movement came into existence, as a response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin. Continue reading “Essay on How Has The Black Lives Matter Movement Affected View About Racism?”

Scary Details About The Spirit of Karoly Takacs

The Spirit of Karoly Takacs

Karoly Takacs was born in Hungary in Budapest (Hungary) at the start of the last century in 1910. Takacs made a name for himself during his lifetime as one of the most inspirational stories ever to surface. He was a professional pistol shooter who was also enrolled in the army of the country. By 1936, he was renowned as one of the best pistol shooters in the world. But the 1936 Summer Olympics saw his first great roadblock in the course of his attempts to achieve his dreams by winning Olympic gold for his country. This was because he held the position of a sergeant in the Army when it was the commissioned officers who were eligible to compete in the Olympics for the country. But 1938 saw this inhibition removed and he was allowed to do so. In the build-up to the 1940 spectacle in Tokyo, a freak accident involving a faulty grenade in Army training meant that he lost the use of this right hand (he was a right handed shooter), as it was shattered along with what remained of his dreams at that point in time. Continue reading “Scary Details About The Spirit of Karoly Takacs”

Deadliest Genocides in the World History

Genocide refers to the systematic mass killing of people. This annihilation is mostly against a large group of people of a particular race, ethnicity, religion, and nation. In 1944, Raphael Lemkin, a Polish-Jewish lawyer coined the term “Genocide”; it is a combination of two words: a Greek word genos(tribe, race), and a Latin word cide(killing). Our world has seen much horrible genocide apart from wars; I will discuss the cruelest genocides history has ever seen. Continue reading “Deadliest Genocides in the World History”

The Status Of Women During The Victorian Era

The status of women during the Victorian era was quite pitiful because they had absolutely no rights at all. They could not vote or own property although they were joining the workforce by the thousands because of the industrial revolution. Although some feminist was spreading in the educated middle class, women from the country were still treated like chattel without any rights or respect. Even women of the middle class were expected to make the lives of their husbands as comfortable as possible by providing him with an organized home, cook his food and take care of him and his children. Women did not even have the right to their own earnings when they were married. Continue reading “The Status Of Women During The Victorian Era”

Research into Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is considered as an honor for the brands and different other organizations in regards to their services. This award is a classified recognition for the US-based organizations within the industries of business, education, healthcare, and another nonprofit sector. This honorable award was established in 1987 to spread awareness about the quality management among industries and different sectors in U.S companies. This award mainly focuses on different industries, which are nonprofit, service, manufacturing, education, small business, and health care. Continue reading “Research into Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria”

Historians and Literature on the Vietnam War

Vietnam War

Historians are now faced with the task of resolving the diametrically opposite views on the course and results of the war in Vietnam. The evidence tends to support the military’s claim that it did not suffer a battlefield defeat in the Vietnam war, that its army remained on the offensive, that the fighting men continued to follow orders, that the military could have at any time carried the war to the North. If the armed forces did have a problem in the Vietnam war, it was the lack of a battlefield, a clearly defined front line. For the first time in an American war, the military found itself continually fighting for the same territory against an enemy that did not attempt to win land, but rather to simply extend the war until the United States tired of the endeavor. Continue reading “Historians and Literature on the Vietnam War”

Women Authors and Feminism

Feminism – The Subjection of Women John Stuart Mill

In The Subjection of Women John Stuart Mill wrote, protesting the status quo, that “women who read, much more women who write, are, in the existing constitution of things, a contradiction and a disturbing element.” Mill, sympathetic to the women’s cause that burgeoned in England in the 1870’s and 1880’s, was pointing to the disparity between the dependency fostered by the laws pertaining to women and the independence that was shown by women who wrote books. In the works of George Eliot, Virginia Woolf, Anais Nin, and Doris Lessing, widely diverse and successful authors, there is a confrontation with and self-consciousness about womanhood that is important to their vision of the world and to their aesthetic choices. Their concern with gender, far from being a remedial digression, is central to their work; their talent does not transcend or discard it. Continue reading “Women Authors and Feminism”