Research Paper on the Causes of Divorce

Marriage is a beautiful experience but in some cases and for some people it can turn out to be the worst experience of one’s life. It is the most intimate of the bonds and whether good or bad, has an everlasting impact on one’s personality, psychology, and behaviors.

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Essay: What is Social Anxiety Disorder

Sample Essay

Social Anxiety Disorder is a psychological disorder and as its name implies is a fear in an individual of socializing or public interaction due to a highly conscious state of mind. A number of people suffer from this disorder all over the world. People suffering from this disorder tend to experience an increased heartbeat rate, faces turning red, and apparent discomfort when in public gatherings.

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Essay: Alcoholism

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Drinking, although very common all over the world is actually not a very fascinating idea from a health point of view and can have long-lasting damages to the functionality of the body. Most of these damages are not instantly visible and as one age out, their effects become evident. Alcohol is a depressant and comprises mainly ethyl alcohol. The effect has on the human body is such that it tends to slow down the body’s reactions and numb out the brain and the nervous system. Its effect is so intense that even a glass of it severely dampens the mind, causes thinking to become unclear and excessive consumption of it makes people pass out.

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Research Paper on Factors that Influence Individuals with Sensory Loss

Information accessible to people suffering from sensory loss, effective communication, supportive team, and aids for support are some factors that impact sensory loss positively. Whereas, interests, hobbies, mobility, difficulties to dress and feed themselves, awareness, and communication are those factors that can influence it negatively. Information, knowledge, development, options, belonging, participation, choice, involvement, and inclusion are some examples of how the lives of people suffering from sensory loss can be influenced positively by efficient communication. Similarly, a better perception of life can be provided by a supportive team as a positive impact. Continue reading “Research Paper on Factors that Influence Individuals with Sensory Loss”

Abstract On Immanuel Kant’s Biomedical Ethics

Biomedical Ethics

As indicated by Immanuel Kant, coming clean is major paying little heed to the outcomes it will create. Lying isn’t right and it neglects the human respect and breaks the trust between individuals. In biomedical morals, medicinal services suppliers are worried about the welfare of a patient and need to measure their activities as to not make any debilitation for a patient. Between the ethical code of doctors and Kant, there is a major gorge since some data no matter how true can have negative impacts on a patient. Paternalism enabled doctors to settle on medicinal decisions for their patients who are awkward to do as such. Nonetheless, research has demonstrated that patients incline toward being told the truth about their medicinal condition. Utilitarianism contends the best choice is one that will have less destructive result and this is upheld be community and consequentialism. In any case, these standards are frail on the grounds that there is no foreseeing a result in therapeutic decisions since all patients are extraordinary.

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Assignment on Gender violence

It must be taken into account that one of the most frequent traumas appears as a consequence of gender violence: abuse and rape, which also occur in girls and boys and in the family environment. Often the abuse goes unnoticed by the adults around you and is difficult to detect even in the course of therapy.

There are indications that these traumas are more damaging than those that occur in contexts of physical violence without sexual abuse Perhaps it is because they affect attachment relationships and adult bonding. Classifications of mental illness, such as DSM 5, are descriptions of behaviours that appear associated with disorders; but they do not give an explanation of the causes or the processes that underlie the appearance of these psychological problems.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is an exception, as it is the only anxiety disorder that is recognized as having a specific event or situation that causes it. The cause is the traumatic event and, when it leads to a psychological disorder, the consequences are the behaviours described in the diagnostic criteria. However, the processes that link cause and effect are not explained.

In this section, we are going to expose a series of processes that account for how trauma can produce post-traumatic stress disorder, which will allow us to shed light on how to treat it. Each person subjected to a traumatic attack or threat reacts differently. Thus, 64% do not develop a psychological disorder considered as such. So what are the circumstances that must come together for a psychological disorder to appear? In children undergoing traumatic events, characteristics that can predict those most likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder have been studied. The existence of present problems at the moment of the fact is the ones that best predict it. These include the previous existence of short-term post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and parents having post-traumatic stress.

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Facts You Need to Know About The Russian Sleep Experiment

About the experiment

The Russian Sleep Experiment is a horrifying urban myth that surfaced in 2010 on the horror material website “Creepypasta.” The thing starts with the description of the intended picture and purpose of the experiment in question. Five political criminals who had been declared enemies of the State by Russia during the late 1940s were to be experimented upon. Continue reading “Facts You Need to Know About The Russian Sleep Experiment”

Immanuel Kant’s Annotated Bibliography on Biomedical Ethics

Annotated Bibliography on Biomedical Ethics

This annotated Bibliography analyzes the ethical reasoning of Immanuel Kant as a deontology against teleology hypothesis. Kant believed that truth-telling form the bases of human dignity and to lie disregard this and lying should be refuted as it is wrong morally. He suggests that coming out clean about it is autonomous of our thought processes and the positive results this will have. Thus ethical quality isn’t in reference with a reason. This article contends the contrary side of the theory and brings the question whether if telling truth which will debilitate the patient will be as per the morals of medicinal services that demands to limit the danger.

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Behaviour Analysis and sleep patterns

What is Applied Behaviour Analysis?

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) uses the most recent techniques and ethical standards for inducing evocative, significant and positive differences in behavior patterns. Work practitioners usually have clients suffering from depression. Single subject cases are an alternative to groups because the concentration is a single subject. The basis of such designs is easily modified for research into identifying the problems of the person. This helps in taking preventive measures and deciding the success of the intervention. Because such cases generally resemble each other social work educators have described the manner how single subject design can improve the client’s monitoring progress and evaluation of the outcomes. To earn the best grades in your Dissertation, Thesis and college assignments you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs. Continue reading “Behaviour Analysis and sleep patterns”

Diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease can be diagnosed by a qualified doctor or nurse Tests that are ordered to ascertain any other medical problems could be causing dementia or causing it to progress are; Vitamin insufficiency, thyroid disease, stroke or brain tumor, severe infection, depression and stupefying effects of medicines. In the initial stages of dementia, brain scans usually show no abnormality. However, later on, the scans show a decline in the size of the brain. Unfortunately, there is no known cure of AD.  The treatment only slows the succession of the disease, modifies behavior, irritation and sleep issues. Because treatment acts very slowly, patients and their relatives do not notice in the condition of the patient. Continue reading “Diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease”