Research Paper on Children Suffering from Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a medical disorder that causes disorientation in the thinking and behavior of an individual. In other words, it causes a damaged psyche and can be detected by the weirdness in feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of an individual. This psychiatric disorder is also very common among children and often goes unnoticed at an early age.

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Research Paper on the Causes of Divorce

Marriage is a beautiful experience but in some cases and for some people it can turn out to be the worst experience of one’s life. It is the most intimate of the bonds and whether good or bad, has an everlasting impact on one’s personality, psychology, and behaviors.

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Inequality in Today’s Society

Social Inequality

Social inequality corresponds to the presence of unequal opportunities as well as rewards for distinctive social statuses and positions. Despite the fact that the United States differs from the majority of the European nation that has titled nobility, the country is still highly stratified. Along these lines, social inequality still exists in various parts of the country. It is eminent to note here that social inequality has several crucial domains including ethnicity, race, ancestry, schooling, occupational prestige, and power. Continue reading “Inequality in Today’s Society”

Statement of Problem About Bullying


Bullying a problem which influences a large proportion of people, especially students. Individuals who are bullied are usually stressed out, and are the victims of depression and mental illness. However, guardians, teachers, and different grown-ups do not generally observe it, they may not see how outrageous tormenting can get. Continue reading “Statement of Problem About Bullying”

Forced Marriages

Forced marriage is globally accepted as a human rights violation.   This type of violation is applied against women and children around the globe. Within the territory of England and Wales and in some other parts of the world, a distinction is generated to discuss arrange marriages and forced marriages. Continue reading “Forced Marriages”

Forced Marriages and Human Rights

“Forced marriages” are considered as a violation of human rights; the arguments in the research validate this from the principles and evidence that strongly affect spouses, in particular to women. Human rights, international law, and laws in England and Wales strictly condemn forced marriages. Evidently, forced marriage breaches the freedom for women in the context of the society and bounds them into an unwanted relation. This violation is also implied to all the human rights that are correlated to the sphere of marital life. Continue reading “Forced Marriages and Human Rights”

Essay on Bullying

The best way to stop their children being bullied in schools is for parents to change their manner of parenting their children at home. Such things are much easier said than can be carried and everyone parents their children differently. Bullies belong to homes where physical punishment is routinely carried out and they think that it is okay to physical violence to handle problems and “get their way.”Bullies usually also come from homes where the parents are fighting all the time so violence has been being a way of life for them. Parental attachment and concern are usually missing from these homes and there seems to be little love and affection. Continue reading “Essay on Bullying”

Dangers of pornography

Pornography basically is any organization of sexually explicit material that has the ability to stimulate the sexual desire of a person and sharpens his sexual appetite. Pornography has always been observed as something that is unethical and wrong. However, in spite of everyone’s awareness of the bleak side of pornography, it is the most popular market around the world. The present century has observed that pornography is gradually becoming socially accepted and no longer considered as bad or unacceptable. The acceptance of pornography is due to the promotion of sexual material by fashion icons and film stars.  However, no matter how much fame pornography gains or completely becomes socially accepted, its dangers can never be neglected. Continue reading “Dangers of pornography”

Programs and the Academic Achievement of Culturally Diverse Youth

The changing demographics and inclusion of more and more culturally diversified groups in the society have highlighted the need for incorporating culturally responsive programs in the educational sector. Culturally responsive education acknowledges, respects, and employs the backgrounds and identities of students as valuable sources for the creation of optimal learning environment. It has also been recognized as a link between students’ family and classroom culture. Continue reading “Programs and the Academic Achievement of Culturally Diverse Youth”

Accommodation- As a Social Process


The suspension of rivalry between the parties for the temporary or permanent period is accommodation process.  Ogburn and Nimkoff are of the opinion that accommodation is a term used by the sociologists to describe the struggle of individuals and groups to adjust to their hostility towards their rivals. In this process, the issue may not be resolved or settled, but for a time being, the rivals terminate their hostile activities and come to an agreement to cease their conflicts by joint efforts. Continue reading “Accommodation- As a Social Process”