Changes in Nursing Leadership

Nursing And Leadership

Leadership in nursing involves “transformational leadership” in which the main objective is for leading the team for making the required changes from shift to shift reporting. The change will encompass that reports will be endorsed at the patient’s bedside from the current practice of charge taking in the break room or at the nursing station. Transformational leadership in essence, works better because the leader will identify the best way of implementing the needed change by inspiring and executing the shift change with experienced members of the team. To earn the best grades in your Dissertation, Thesis and college assignments you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs.

The Team Leader

The team leader would become the role model and enhance performance by motivation, morale boosting and encouraging the team according to job performance by challenging members of the team to take pride in their work and also by challenging workers to take ownership of their work. This is done by supporting the teams’ and appreciating the teams’ interest in their work and by understanding the capabilities of the workers and assigning tasks according to their strengths and weaknesses. Transformational leadership works more effectively than other forms of leadership styles that are “transactional leadership” and “laissez-faire leadership because it leads by inspiration and because the leader acts as a role model for the team. Transformational leadership includes


Raising appreciation of moral principles, developing a sense of maturity in team members, emphasizing essential priorities, capitalizing upon the inherent capabilities for motivating the team members, allowing team members the freedom of choosing methods of completing tasks, make a plea for team members to observe ethical standards and principles, provide individual mentoring and training to the team members, influences the team by persuasive reasoning, encourage the team members to work for the common good and not for personal, interests and promote cooperation and accord by using  bona fide and dependable means

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership will help the team leader in achieving the desired changes and goals because this form of leadership envisages leading from the front as a role model and basing decisions upon accumulated experience during the extensive tenure of working in the nursing profession in different capacities. The leader should work with the team and also take care to address the needs and concerns of the other members of the team even if they have a very small part in the overall task. Ignoring team members of favoring the best and brightest eventually leads to discontentment among the team which could seriously affect the overall performance of the team.

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