Coaching and Mentoring

One of the greatest challenges for the organizations of the modern world is linked with the development of its people within the organization. However, the main concern is to devise individuals to draw a career project in which their personal and professional life is compatible with their skills, values, and interests. The individuals want to look for the development that can reconcile their own goals and needs in relation to the organization’s targets. In relation to this, the career guidance processes, mentoring, coaching, and counseling are submitted by companies and professionals specialized in training, development, and education, as an alternative to overcome such challenges.

Studies have been conducted in order to assess the actual effectiveness of coaching and mentoring for the processes and performance of the overall organization as well. In some cases, it has also been observed that professionals can clearly indicate that the present gap in the methods that are adopted by the organizations can sometimes lead to dissatisfaction of the employees. On the other hand, the current research is based on identifying the real effectiveness of coaching and mentoring and most specifically its importance at a strategic level in relation to the organization.  However, from the researchers, it is noticed that there have been some peculiarities and similarities in the strategies of any of the organization, comparing them in terms of goals, performance context and forms of intervention, thereby aiming to contribute to a better understanding of the existing developmental practices adopted by the organizations. It is of noteworthy that both the coaching and mentoring are considered as an essential element for helping the leaders to develop their skills. There is a need for the organizations to have highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals who can share their information and expertise with their subordinates and align the short term goals with the strategic ones. Moreover, the concepts of coaching and mentoring are widely used in the development of individuals particularly because they can expand their self-belief and confidence.

Training of the individuals working in the workplace is an important part of the corporate system. This aspect of the organization deserves particular attention, as it represents one of the most important elements of reference. In the modern era, as the concept of globalization has emerged out and spread its branches in all the spheres of life, the organizations and its functions are no longer safe from it. Now the working practices within and out of the working environment has been changed in a significant manner. For the success of an organization, the employees and specifically the highly skilled employees play a significant role.

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