Informative Facts about Community Health Promotion

Community Health Promotion, Community Health, Health Promotion, Methodical Evaluation, Physical activity

What does community health promotion mean?

Community Health Promotion means much more than effective health care. For promoting good health, regular physical activity is one of the most effective diseases prevention behaviors. Physical activity is essential for reducing depressive thinking, improving stamina and strength reducing obesity and coronary artery diseases. Physical activity can be simple exercises or strenuous workouts in high priced gyms. This requires identifying hurdles for adopting healthy policies in non-health sectors and measure for removing them. In a unified society like ours, health issues constitute an integral part of the common objectives and links between people and their environment.

Methodical Evaluation

This needs a methodical evaluation of the effects that the rapidly changing pattern has on health specifically in areas relating to technology, work, producing energy and urbanization.  Health promotion activities include setting personal physical activity goals and monitoring progress for achieving, the development of authentic approaches for individual health activities by building social support and reinforcing behavior changes with different physical activities. The promotion of health is more effective when it is supported by communities in establishing priorities, decision making, planning and implementing strategies for better health conditions. This envisages the empowerment of communities and giving them proprietary rights for their activities and responsibilities for achieving best health practices.

How can these objectives be achieved?

These objectives can be achieved by partnering with local fitness facilities such as gyms and health centers, enhancing access to places for physical activity and also providing information on important and effective strategies for becoming increasingly physically active. Implementing employee health benefits that will make employees more willing to participate in physical activity programs at the workplace and at home and helping employees by providing employees help with membership fees of health clubs to reduce barriers such as the cost for employees

Developments Required

The community must develop the required personal skills for development through obtaining education for health promotion. This multiplies the options available to the community for exercising more control over their own health issues and also over their environments, enabling them to avail the best options for ensuring their health. Encouraging employee physical activity on-site can include building safe walking trails or paths on the company campus, installing showers for joggers and exercises, and installing gyms with aerobic and weight training equipment with instructions on proper equipment use)Encouraging stairwell use deserves special attention as it is an inexpensive, proven approach to increasing employee physical activity.  The use of “point of decision” signs such as brief messages encouraging stairwell use for better health.

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