Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal

Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal: Primary Prevention/Health Promotion 

Planning Before Teaching:
Name and Credentials of Teacher:
Estimated Time Teaching Will Last:

Location of Teaching:
Supplies, Material, Equipment Needed:

Estimated Cost:

Community and Target Aggregate:

Epidemiological Rationale for Topic (statistics related to the topic):
Nursing Diagnosis:
Readiness for Learning:

Students’ express:

Learning Theory to Be Utilized:
How Does This HP2010 Objective Relate to Alma Ata’s Health for All Global Initiatives?

Develop Behavioral Objectives (Including Domains), Content, and Strategies/Methods:
Behavioral Objective and Domain
| Content  (be specific) | Strategies/Methods (label and describe)

Creativity: How was creativity applied in the teaching methods/strategies?

Planned Evaluation of Objectives (Outcome Evaluation): Describe what you will measure for each objective and how.

* Planned Evaluation of Goal: Describe how and when you could evaluate the overall effectiveness of your teaching plan.

* Planned Evaluation of Lesson and Teacher (Process Evaluation):

* Barriers: What are potential barriers that may arise during teaching and how will those be handled?

* Communication: How will you begin your presentation (hook them in)? How will you end your presentation (go out with a bang)? What nonverbal communication techniques will you employ?

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