Revealing Concepts of Social Psychology

Social Psychology, Gestalt theory, Personal Assessment

Social Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those that affect the behavior of people in certain situation or contexts. It also studies a person’s personality and the way his mind works regularly or in a given situation. In Social Psychology, attribution can be described as the procedure that indicates the reason that something happens and a person’s reaction towards it. Attribution is something that a person does every day without conscious effort and makes decisions and conclusions without a second thought. Attribution can be something as simple as blaming your teacher for your poor grades because the teacher did not adequately explain the required material.On the other hand, it can be something as complicated as striking another person at some imagined or real reaction to his interaction with you.

Person’s Reaction

A person’s reaction to an adverse or favorable event or action depends upon his/her biases and the influences that they have on a person’s feelings and how the person thinks or reacts to other people in ordinary or extraordinary situations. Impression Formation is the process in which separate bits of information about another person are pieced together to form an overall impression of the person as to a person’s perception of another person. This basis for this principle is the belief that the person expects consistency and harmony in the personality of others.This means that the person’s impression of the other person should be similarly cohesive.

Gestalt theory

The Gestalt theory envisages the formation of a broad impression is based upon several separate and individual impressions. This means that when a person forms a logical and rational impression about another, any previous impressions about the personal influence the formation of a broad, overall impression. The important factor in making or creating the impression is made by closely watching the person’s behavior, making personality assessments and then basing their information according to the available information

Social Psychology – Personal Assessment

Personal Assessment can be effectively done by collecting information about one’s self. This will be based on the contention that behavior varies from person to person, and one source of information is assessing the perception of others towards you. The person must first define his own characteristics, measure them objectively and then relate said characteristics to socially acceptable behavior. This requires assessing your traits and characteristics in quantitative terms because quantitative measurements are the most effective way of comparing people in groups or as individuals. Personality is collaborative because it is assessed by interactions such as fundamental psychological factors in the person’s personality. A person’s personality can either be an asset or liability according to circumstances and given situations.

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