Role of Cultural Values in Gay Marriages

Importance of culture

Culture plays a very important part in the acceptance or rejection of homosexuality and same-sex marriages. The concept that marriage is the result of love between two people is common only in the West and countries that have adopted western culture. In most other societies marriage is viewed in a very practical manner and that is why marriages are arranged because the basic reason for marriage is the regeneration of the population, continuity of family and other pragmatic issues.  From the functional point of view, marriage as an institution for the purpose of procreation and for the normal and healthy growth of a family is the appropriate thing to do.

Acceptance of homosexuality

On a global level, homosexuality is more acceptable in societies where religion is not central to the population’s way of life. Acceptability is quite high in the richer nations, and in poorer countries with high levels of religiosity, it is widely believed that homosexuality is a sin and against religion. That is not to say that there is no homosexuality in these countries, just that it is not socially acceptable. From a social perspective, gay marriages strengthen the idea that there is an alternative to the traditional concept of marriage and family life of man and woman because of the availability of which is same-sex partnerships.

Gay Marriage Legalization

Gay marriages were legalized in Scandinavia around ten years ago, which there has been a substantial increase in gay marriages and an increase in the number of children born through cohabitation. Gay marriages are not a matter of civil rights but how a society defines its family structure. Although most people even now favor heterosexual relationships and marriages, there are people who still argue that homosexual marriages is better for society because it adheres to the concept of two people living together who truly love each other instead living with a person you loved in the past but cannot bear but must tolerate because you are legally married to him/her

Socialization Aspect

The socialization aspect of gay marriages is not acceptable to many people because they consider marriage to be sacred. It is the one institution that is considered to be the basis of a stable family that also contributes to a better life and upbringing for children born out of the wedlock. Educated and stable children contribute to a better and stable society as grown-ups. It is not bigotry that makes people oppose homosexuality but simple biology that makes the difference between normal marriages and gay marriages.  Supporters of same-sex marriages contend that this will in no way affect conventional marriages and that it can work just like traditional marriages.

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