Dangers of pornography

Pornography basically is any organization of sexually explicit material that has the ability to stimulate the sexual desire of a person and sharpens his sexual appetite. Pornography has always been observed as something that is unethical and wrong. However, in spite of everyone’s awareness of the bleak side of pornography, it is the most popular market around the world. The present century has observed that pornography is gradually becoming socially accepted and no longer considered as bad or unacceptable. The acceptance of pornography is due to the promotion of sexual material by fashion icons and film stars.  However, no matter how much fame pornography gains or completely becomes socially accepted, its dangers can never be neglected.

Teenagers are the one who is gravely affected by pornography. The recent study has shown a great indulgence of university and colleges students in sexually explicit activates. Students spent most of their time watching porn movies and pictures. Those who get addicted to such behavior are often involved in crimes related to sexual harassment and rape is one of such crimes.  Not only this, a queer behavior of students has been recorded in social media, as they do not dread sharing their obscene videos and pictures.  Recently a girl uploaded her video masturbating in the library of her college, after the video went viral on the internet, the administration of the college decided to expel her. Her obsession with pornography provoked her to do such act that not only caused a great damage to her academic career but also begged her shame and embarrassment.

Teenagers are not the only victims of the dangers of pornography; adults are also affected by it. The increase in extra-marital affair and urge of sleeping with different persons has emerged due to the promotion of sexually explicit materials. Marital relations have also become unimportant and have lost their charm, as people are no longer loyal to their spouse but rather obsessed with the fulfillment of their sexual thirst.

Pornography is a parasite that is constantly and gradually infecting our society. Its dangers are not explicit but rather affective. It is shattering the socially developed system of the society. Teenagers are being distracted from their aims and education and adults and risking their professional and marital lives due to the addiction of pornography. Crimes related to sexual harassment have become common in most of the society of the world; India is one of such country in which many politicians do not consider rape as a grave crime.

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