Difference Between Intelligible and The Visible

Plato’s Metaphysics and Epistemological theory

According to Plato’s Metaphysics and Epistemological theory the world is divided into two parts: One that is visible and one that intelligible. Forgetting the best scores in your term papers and essays get help from the best academic writing that will help you to get the maximum scores.

Defining the visible

The visible world consists of phenomena that has shape and form and can be visibly discerned even when they change forms including images, shadows, and reflections. The shape and forms that are visible have tangible existence has reflections or shadows in the visible world. The visible world is made up of forms in the allegory of the world of forms. There exists a dividing line between visible and the intelligible of physical forms that are constantly changing because they are evanescent. However, the basic forms themselves are eternal and do not change. Physical objects are sometimes not as real as their forms. Physical objects can be seen, handled, tested and listened to when required.

Understanding the visible forms

A person who has understands the meaning of forms and their purpose in a person’s life has a better perception of the visible than the person who has no knowledge of the forms. The visible world is considered a shadowy imitation of reality and the visible and an understanding of the forms is essential for understanding the realities of life. This can be understood by Plato’s story of the prisoners the cave and how the prisoner that was freed understand the shadows on the wall because he has seen these forms in reality. Reasoning helps to understand the forms and people can create thoughts around the forms that are visible to them.

Defining intelligible

The intelligible word is made up of things that contain the upper part in the metaphor of the divide between visible and intelligible. The good intentions of a person allow him/her to understand the true essence of forms and their meaning in our lives. That is one reason that the person who is genuinely good cannot be bad. The reasoning power and desires of all human are both appropriately developed and they work in together in a harmonious manner. The development of reason makes a person aware of the goodness in him and a person has to know the difference between good and bad before taking any action. Unless a person does good things he will never be at peace with himself

Understanding the intelligible form

According to Plato, the essential part of a person which is the soul is linked with the perpetual dominion of forms which is identical to a person’s reasoning power. So the best part of being aware of the forms is that we will become less concerned about physical matters and we will curb our appetites and be less dependent upon unpredictable sense for the acquisition of knowledge

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