Dissertation on Diabetes

Diabetes as a western medical disease holds an extensive antiquity. Primarily it was noted that the incidence of disease with diabetes like symptoms was discovered in primitive Greece in 1552 B.C  but remained undefined until the first century A.D. Ever since the innovation of diabetes, numerous advancements in perception and cure of this ailment have come about. Majority of the marked successes regarding diabetes have been focused on refined access to better treatment regimens and screening test of early detection. Numerous advancements in the fields of refinement of diabetes have been made which include insulin and other medication as management protocols. However these achievements have enhanced lives but still, diabetes is completely eradicated. In addition to the successes which have been annulled, by the growing incidence of diabetes described earlier.

At the same time, a medical analyst has been finding the cure, awareness in recognizing the cause of growing incidence of this epidemic and addressing the safety measures is highly augmented in the UK. Moreover, it has also encouraged the medical community and analyst to consider that the disease is initiated by other systems and factors. Recently the contribution of social environment and lifestyle of the person have been recognized by the clinical practice guidelines for the prevention and medication of diabetes in the UK It also states that the disease is measured to be investigative of negative sociocultural changes in Aboriginal communities. Therefore local genetic mutations and susceptibility are influencing with changing lifestyle and social stressors and illustrates that the cure and cause for diabetes are not only physically in nature as Greeks primarily thought. In the 21

In the 21st century, diabetes is implicit to be an ailment which is resolute by cultural, social and physical factors. Alteration in means the ailment is essential to mount a suitable response to its epidemic magnitude. The progression of the disease is affected by lack of response. In 1980 first extensive publication for categorization of diabetes was established by WHO which are “IDDM (Type I)” and “NIDDM (Type II)” and “gestational diabetes”. In 1985 the modified form was practiced internationally and established. the terms “insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus” and “non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus” were no longer required because the patient was recognized in terms of treatment rather than pathogenesis. To define the cases caused by the “pancreatic islet beta-cell destruction”
the former and the common major form of diabetes resulting from defects in insulin secretion the terms “Type I” and “Type II” was established.

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