Dissertation on Employee Justice

When the employee is expecting justice in every procedure that takes place on the daily basis then such type of justice is known as procedural justice. Here the employees are more sensitive towards the way they are being treated on daily basis irrespective of the final appraisal concerning them. For every employee or in every organization the way employees demand and perceive a justice system varies from another and hence, every organization his/her own way of dealing with this issue. Finally, the last justice method determines the association that an employer has with his/her employees. Every employee working in an organization deserves his rightful respect and dignity and hence, the employer is assumed to be interpersonally justified when he/she established a good relationship with his employees. Justice is necessary to boost the confidence level of employees, however, a justice to one employee must not decrease the self-esteem of another employee hence, in case of any conflict or issue regarding the performance it is advisable to provide the feedback to employees in person maintaining the necessary privacy.

The salary matter of an employee is linked that with the distributive justice as the final appraisal of an employee derived through this system of justice determine his/her pay structure. However, this does not explain the concept of equity theory as according to this theory every employee is provided with equal salaries, rights and position treating them equivalent of one another while in this type of justice the final appraisal based on the performance determine the salary of an employee.

The daily routine procedure involving the day to day working requirement is handled and linked with procedural justice. The proposal put forward by employees regarding any issue, their objections and opinions are all part of this justice system. The speaking power of an employee is extremely important in procedural justice and also determines the fairness the employees achieve through this system. Employees put forward their needs and want and the employer being fair and unbiased tries to fulfill these needs proclaiming the procedural justice being practiced by him/her. In this type of working environment, each employee is responsible for his own tasks and hence, perform their jobs with complete dedication and hard work.

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