Dissertation on Employee Performance at Hospitals

The organizations are considering employees as the core assets of the organization, thus the management of companies is adopting strategies through which they can deal with employees fairly. The fair treatment given to employees helps in boosting their morale and gaining their trust for future success. Those companies that are creating discrimination among employees are unable to gain success in the long run because they face trouble in the internal operation. When the organization is not treating employees with justice, then employees are also having conflicts with each other.

In the healthcare industry, the hospitals are focusing on creating an environment where all the staff members are treated according to their level. The reason that management is focusing on overcoming employment discrimination is that it helps in increasing employee productivity. When employees work efficiently than they do show their best performance and treat patients in a well-mannered way.

Organizational Justice

Organizational justice refers to the behavior of the organization with employees, which determines the employee behavior towards the organization. Justice and fairness are considered the moral right of human and it results in ethical dealing with one another. Therefore, the decision made by organisation needs to be in favor of employees, so that employees can develop a feeling of recognition. The management of the organization needs to be flexible so that they can understand the employee’s needs and demand. When the managers are able to coordinate and cooperate with employees than employees feel that they are treated fairly. The organizational justice and fair treatment are given to employees not only satisfy the employees, but it also results in internal strength and organizational long-term sustainability. Moreover, in order to treat employees fairly, the organization is evaluating employee performance and providing them rewards accordingly. The fair practices and rewarding system are keeping the employees committed towards the organization and they are becoming accountable towards their work.

Hospital Background

Jishuitan Hospital is recognized as the first level hospital in Beijing. The hospital was founded in the year 1956 and it focuses on burn surgeries and orthopedics. The hospital is successful because of its effective working environment and there are 200 experts working in the hospital and 2200 staff members. In China, the hospital is recognized among top leading hospital because of burn surgeries and orthopedics. The hospital is also known in abroad as well because of arthropathy Studying center.

In the past 52 years, the hospital was awarded five state-level awards. Furthermore, the equipment used by hospitals are updated and modern. Departments of the hospital are orthopedic trauma, spine surgery, pediatric orthopedics, adult joint surgery, sports medicine, bone tumor and burn surgery. The management of hospital is focused towards 3E’s which are elaborateness, enthusiasm, and expertise. In this way, the medical care given to patients is of high level, which satisfies the patient’s demand.

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