Essay on Adolf Hitler’s Departure from the NSDAP

In June 1921, when Adolf Hitler and Eckart were on a trip for raising funds to Berlin, a mutiny took place within the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) in Munich. Committee members consisted of some people who found Hitler too overbearing, wanted to merge with the rival German Socialist Party (DSP). On July 11, 1921, Hitler returned to Munich and resigned angrily. According to the committee members, Hitler’s resignation meant the end of the party. Read further to learn more about the Essay on Adolf Hitler’s Departure from the NSDAP.

Hitler’s Condition to Rejoin

Hitler announced that he would rejoin the party only in the condition that he would replace Drexler as party chairman, and that the party headquarters would remain in Munich. The committee agreed to his requests, and he rejoined the party on 26 July as member 3,680.

Even though he rejoined the party he still faced oppositions from within the NSDAP. The opponents of Hitler had Hermann Esser expelled from the part and they printed 3,000 copies of a pamphlet attacking Hitler as a traitor to the party. In the following days, Hitler talked to many packed houses and defended himself and Esser. His strategy proved successful and at a general membership meeting. He was awarded complete power as party chairman, with only one nay vote cast.

Hitler’s Speeches

Hitler’s vitriolic beer hall speeches commenced attracting regular audiences. He began to adapt at using populist themes aimed at his audience, consisting of the use of scapegoats who could be blamed for the economic hardships at his targeted audience. Many historians have taken account of the hypnotic effect of his rhetoric on large crowds, and of his eyes in small groups. Kessel writes, “Overwhelmingly… Germans speak with mystification of Hitler’s ‘hypnotic’ appeal. The word shows up again and again; Hitler is said to have mesmerized the nation, captured them in a trance from which they could not break loose”.

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