Essay on Birth Control

Essay Writing on Abortion (Serious Problem)

The rate of teenage pregnancy has been increasing day by day, mostly because now there are more teenagers becoming sexually active without proper birth control. This is due to several of reasons, in which the biggest of all reasons is that in most of the countries around the world teenagers are not allowed to have birth control without parental consent. In this scenario, the adults think that if birth control will not be allowed without the permission of parents, teenagers might not indulge in sexual activities. However, they are completely wrong and its evidence is the increased pregnancy rate.

Birth control not only prevents pregnancy, abortion but it also has many other health benefits. Having access to birth control not only gives the teenagers an idea to make a better decision but also prevents them from having sexually transmitted diseases. Without birth control, pregnancy rates are not only high but it also causes difficulties for the recipients.

One of the many factors why teenagers should be allowed to get birth control without parental consent is the lack of communication between the two parties that is, parents and the teenager because usually parents lack the necessary communication skills on topics such as sex, drugs and birth control etc. Sex is a taboo subject in many of the families, whilst they are still involved in it anyway. The young find it really difficult to talk about their sex life with their parents because their relationship isn’t that strong with their parents. Usually, both of the parents are busy working all day that they pay little or no heed to what is happening in their child’s life. Furthermore, sometimes a lot of teenagers who are sexually active want to keep it confidential and hidden especially from their parents because of privacy. Most of the teens are even embarrassed to talk about it with their parents.

Free access to birth control is also important for teenagers as it not only prevents pregnancy but can also play a part in keeping the hormones at balance for the young girls. Imbalance leads to them establishing male-like qualities. Birth control pills help to increase their internal femininity. Moreover, it also prevents migraines, severe headaches and mood swings that are usually experienced by young females during premenstrual syndrome.

Thus, in conclusion, teens should be allowed to receive birth control without parental consent as it plays a major role in preventing teenage pregnancy and ruining their lives as well make them responsible for choosing one of the important decisions of their life wisely.

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