Essay on Communication Conflicts

Communication Conflicts Essay

Effective communication is an essential element of any corporation. Sales, recruitment, marketing, and other business functions depend upon the aptitude of the upper hierarchy and employees to collaborate, discuss information and take the decision that is in favor of the company. However, lack of communication within the workplace can happen on a large scale, for instance, employees and management. Failure to communicate effectively will result in conflict that will harm the Supreme pharmaceutical. The consequences of the poor communication within the organization can establish in various ways. Read the Communication Conflicts Essay further to learn more about the topic.

Generating Uncertainty

A lack of uncertainty may develop uncertainty that will lead to conflict and stress. For instance, the dealing has been done by the marketing department to deliver an order on the settled time and date. However, the supply chain somehow did not manage to ensure the availability of the product. As a result, the conflict between the two can happen.

Increase the Cost of Supply Chain

The Communication Conflicts within various departments across functions is leading to the accumulation of unnecessarily high cost of supply chains. Every department is so dedicated to its own targets and activity that it ignores the impact on the rest of the company. The best software can be developed to establish the efficient supply chain; however, it requires the entire relevant information so as to achieve maximum benefits. For instance, the purchasing department of the company is making a purchase in bulk in order to reduce the unit costs. However, it did not consider the effect over the warehouse manager that is aiming to reduce the inventory. Moreover, some vicissitudes are not as obvious. For instance, the simple judgment to change the packaging for some reasons, which includes benefits or cost reduction to the environment, can force wholesale changes in container utilization.

Lack of Communication between HR and Finance Department

Finance, more than any other functions within the organization, stands at the key position to assist HR in order to achieve its objectives. Reason being, finance has been developing as the primary source of performance for the measurement of data. Lack of communication can affect the productivity. For instance, the Supreme pharmaceutical normally makes 50,000 medicines a month. However, the company only produced 40,000 medicines in the last month. The concern could be affiliated with the HR department. Perchance absenteeism was up and there appears no provisions establish by the temporary help. Perhaps, training of the new employees was derisory, or the wrong people have been recruited in the first place. The stats provided by the finance are initial signs of warning that assist the HR department in averting and detecting the problems.

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