Essay on Dealing with Global Epidemics

The significance of the capacity of managing disease outbreaks was highlighted by the outspread of Ebola in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) to an urban center. This outbreak was one of many followed by cholera, Nipah, yellow fever, Lassa fever, dengue, MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). Most of these emerged from the originated country, thereby the international reforms implemented after the outbreak of West Africa have not been tested seriously. The majority of the reports related to the Ebola outbreak highlighted gaps, concluding the world left out with no preparations for the biggest outbreaks and indicated areas of assessed progress made and consensus.

National capacity for managing outbreaks, involving workforce training and development was repeated as a priority after the outbreak of Ebola from West Africa. For responding, detecting, and preventing public health risks, as an assessment of capacity of the country and joint external evaluation got completed by around 77 countries as the first significant step. Further to enhance their preparedness, around 39 countries supported the Health Emergencies Program by the World Health Organization. Moreover for building national preparedness, involving a government investment of one billion dollars, one of the significant drivers has been the participation of 61 countries by the Global Security Agenda. Moreover, supported to around 25 countries was committed by the World Bank to different regional initiatives for implementation and development of plans related to pandemic preparedness.

Further the risks linked with apparent infectious diseases of pandemic and epidemic potential can be managed by strengthening global and national health security and through cross sectorial public-private, cross-industry, and innovation cooperation. It has been believed that some of the worst epidemics have been witnessed already by the world starting from the influenza pandemic of 1918. In the risk of epidemics, a new era started with increasing climate change, deforestation, migration, human displacement, population density, travel, and trade.

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