Essay on Democracy

Sample Essay

Democracy is the form of government that is commonly defined as the rule of the people, by the people, and for the people. This in other words implies that the population of a country decides and chooses their government for themselves. This form of government is considered very effective and favorable to the masses as they have a say in matters of the government and who deals with them. No one would like to have a government wherein the leaders are dictators and the masses’ opinion is of no consideration in matters of the country.  Such a form of government imposes on people its views whether or not they agree to them. The rulers of such dictator governments are usually selfish as well and only do things that may prove beneficial to them in the long run.

In a democracy where the opinion of people is considered decisions are usually taken in the best interest of the state and their consequences are far better and effective as well. America is famous for democracy and we can see from this example what a realistic form of government democracy is.  People elect their leaders and those leaders also come from among the masses. Hence they understand and relate to the masses’ problems and psyche in a better way.

Democracy also gets nations rid of leaders whose next generations keep taking over after them. It only makes this happen if the consent of the people is involved. Hence democracy is the most reasonable form of government as it involves the opinions of the citizens of a nation in all important matters.

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