Essay on Disadvantages of Using Social Networks in Business

Business Owners

Business owners are facing a variety of new preferences and selections with the swift boost in the utilization of social networking websites. Businesses are spending billions on social media marketing in order to promote their products or services effectively. The major drawback of employing social networks in the form of marketing tools is the intensive time needed to go through and administer the ins and outs of every medium. Given that social networks are available in various settings and forms and each of them needs its own distinguishing approach towards individualization and engagement. Following are some of the major cons of using social networks in business:

Social Networking

Social networking is successful and interactive; however, this two-way exchange requires dedication and commitment. In this regard, it is important to note that the marketing nature varies in social networks, and particularly the emphasis is placed on setting up long-standing relationships which can eventually lead to more and more sales and revenues. There ought to be someone specifically responsible to keep an eye on each network, answer comments, respond to queries and post relevant information of the product which the customer considers worthy. It is very difficult for the businesses that lack this kind of services to handle social networks to contend in the market.

A number of keen members of social networks feel that advertising and marketing are invasive to their privacy. Research has also proved that eight out of ten users of social networking websites feel unsure and uncomfortable to share their personal as well as professional details on social networks. The common practice of forming campaigns and ads off member details are taken from social networking websites has enthused a wave of privacy argument, and advertising and promotional efforts can comply with offensive reactions and bitterness. 

Another negative facet of social networking which is particularly harmful to marketing and promotional campaigns is unconstructive responses on the posts. Industry competitors or discontented customers are up to post reproachful or unpleasant videos, posts or pictures and a marketer cannot do much to put off these events. However, still off-putting or other negative feedbacks cannot be overlooked. Social networks ought to be dealt competently enough to straightaway respond and counteract detrimental posts that take a lot of time.

Majority of social networking websites are free to connect and function; however, with no paid advertising to determinedly aim their customer target market, most of the local businesses frequently get followers from other countries i.e. those which are not local. The best utilization of advertising by means of social networking websites is to gather information and data from customers on the subject of their motivations and interests for recurring business. Social marketing can be a disaster when clients and customers are not in the region to everyday local businesses and precisely be providing data by means of utilizing the service.

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