Essay on How the Government has impact My Life?

In every aspect possible, bad or good, everyone’s life whether be it male or female is influenced by the government. As the world we reside in is made by us, thereby, it is entirely in our hands what we do with it. It is essential to make political decisions deliberately, as we depend on one another both on the international and local level. Competing interests can be considered well by democracy along with their integration in satisfactory compromises leading to provide a hearing to all groups.

Today education is mostly administered by and paid as per the governmental institutions. This scenario has been gradually developed and currently is now being taken so much for granted that no or little attention is paid in case if any issues are prevailing concerning educational areas. Although keeping free markets, prevention of coercion and enforcement of contracts are what the primary responsibilities of every government in a free private enterprise exchange economy.

The government influences my life in various manners. From the time I wake up, that is set on my alarm clock set by the National Institute Standards and Technology to the efficiency and safety of medications due to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the insurance and license I require to drive my car to work and school. Moreover, the impacts are present in the taxes that are deducted from my paycheck. As this money is used by the government to offer services to the public and to offer protection to consumers.

Throughout my day, the first time I note the governmental impacts on my life is the moment when I have my glass of milk in the morning. To provide a safe and quality product to the consumer, the milk is required to be stored in cold temperature and pasteurized. For dairy farmers, standards have been set by the government related to the type of hormones and feed they can provide to their cattle so that healthy milk can be produced for public consumption purpose. In addition, the process of pasteurization is also inspected by the government along with the distribution of the milk so that safe and fresh produce can be provided to the consumers.

The second governmental impact on my life is the insurance and the license required by the government for operating the vehicle I drive to my educational institute or work. The drivers’ test is required to be passed by all drivers as defined by the government to show their capabilities of operating the vehicle effectively without harming others or themselves. A driver’s license is granted on upon passing this test. However, it can be revoked or suspended in case of any traffic law is broken by the student. Insurance of the driver has also become mandated by the government. It is required for the affordability of medical care in case of any accident faced by the driver.

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