Essay on Medicare Program

For a person to qualify for the Medicaid benefits, it is required that the person must be a pregnant woman with a low income or now monthly income. The Medicaid program habitually covers prenatal healthcare for the pregnant women throughout their pregnancy labor, delivery and an additional two months postpartum provided that the woman has low income or doesn’t have any monthly income at all. Therefore, pregnant women who fall in this category would automatically qualify for the Medicaid benefits. Moreover, disabled adults who receive supplemental security income automatically qualify for Medicaid benefits. The SSI is a program which pays benefits to elderly people and minors who have scarce income and resources. It normally applies to adults with disability and are between the age of 18 years and 65 years and have never been married. It also applies the children with disabilities.

The ACA impacts the Medicare beneficiaries by stating that all the recipient must have all part A and Part B of the program to receive full coverage as stimulated by the requirement of the act. It requires that the recipient must enroll for both the two parts of the Medicare program since enrolling for Part B alone does not satisfy the essential minimum coverage requirement of the act. Thus, it impacted the recipients of Medicare insurance program by making them subscribe again to the program particularly those who had only subscribed to Part B of the program. Therefore, it forced the recipients to purchase new Medicare policy to conform with the requirement of the ACA and this resultantly contributed to the destruction of the initial Medicare policy possessed by the beneficiaries.

Also, ACA has impacted the Medicaid recipients through expanding Medicaid eligibility to the adults with the income level which are at or below 138 percent of the poverty line of the USA. Expanding eligibility for the benefits of the program has significantly contributed to a large number of the recipients of the program benefiting from the program. Hence this has impulsively resulted in an enhanced quality of care in the country since a large number of people can now benefit from the program to access quality healthcare that would improve the health of the people thus leading to the existence of a healthy society.

All in all, the Medicare program is usually significant to the patient population since it improves the health coverage of various groups of people to improve their quality of life. For a person to be eligible for the Medicaid program, it is required that the person must be 65 years of age and above and the person must be benefiting from SSDI. Moreover, the patients of Medicare program have been impacted by the ACA since they have been forced to subscribe to new Medicare policy with both part A and Part B of the plan.

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