Essay on The First Coronavirus Case of Middle East diagnosed in the UAE

According to the health ministry of the country, in the United Arab Emirates, the first case of the new coronavirus in the Middle East has been diagnosed. It was also reported by the health ministry that a family belongs from the central city of Wuhan of China was diagnosed with the disease while they were present in the country and the outbreak got initiated. It was also reported by WAM – the state news agency that around four members of one family were found to be infected. The virus started Hubei province which is the capital of China and has around 132 people who have been killed by it in China.

One of the biggest air transport hubs is UAE and the hub of Emirates Airlines and the third busiest airport of the world is Dubai airport. The family members were under medical observation and were in a stable condition. It was confirmed by the statements forwarded on Twitter in Arabic and English by the ministry. Although the statement did not mention the place where the family was receiving the treatment. Further, the ministry also reported that it was working to report any cases around the clock.

It was found that plans for creating two dedicated hospitals were made. These hospitals will have 2,600 beds for victims so that they are able to cater the population of Wuhan, which is around, 11 million. In 15 other countries, involving Singapore, France, and the United States, around 60 cases have been reported. However, no deaths have been reported amongst these cases. Passengers from China are being screened by airports around the globe. Airlines have already been pushed by the fears of the spreading virus. They also planned to reduce flights to China.

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