Essay on Role of organizational atmosphere on performance

The Atmosphere of Any Organization

The atmosphere of any organization plays a major role in the professional settings in order to get the higher outcomes while achieving its goals and objectives. It is a fact that the organizational atmosphere is directly connected with the better and productive nature of their brand. At the same time, the productive atmosphere of the organization is closely connected with the development of innovative ideas from their human resources. The working employees of the organization are always considered as a major asset for the organization. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for the organization to provide the best atmosphere to their employees for getting the successful outcomes in regards to the goals and targets. At the same time, previous research studies have mainly indicated that the development of productive environment within the organization is closely associated with the development of skills and capabilities among the employees.

Satisfaction of the Employees

The satisfaction of the employees can be easily developed with the help of developing proper atmosphere. Therefore, it is said that the organization must focus on the development of appropriate environment within the professional sector. Thus, it is necessary for any organization or brand to facilitate their employees according to their standards and goals.

The importance of Pepsodent

As mentioned thoroughly above that Pepsodent is amongst those major organizations, which are directly associated with the development of enormous production within the professional environment. The satisfaction level of the consumers is extremely high among different counties in regards to the products related to Pepsodent. Therefore, it is also important for the brand to successfully regulate its operations from their employees at the level of higher satisfaction level. The employees of the selected brand have a higher level of satisfaction level in regards to the other competitive organizations. The rationale behind such massive satisfaction level among the employees is regarding the facilities, which are provided by the organization to their employees.

Common Facility

The most common facility, which is observed by the employees within the professional environment, is the atmosphere of the organization. The organization has solely focused on the day to day operations of employees in order to reduce their grievances directly. Moreover, the reporting system of the employees is closely associated with the development of satisfaction rate of employees.

The employees have enough opportunity to report their concerns and valid issues within the higher management directly. At the same time, to the free and professional atmosphere has been developed by the higher authorities in order to get the most successful outcomes for the employees. The employees usually focus on their targets in order to achieve valuable outcomes in a diversified range of performance system. Similarly, the employees have also indicated that the organization has provided them enormous opportunities to grow within the specific range. Similarly, enormous facilities are provided by the organization to their employees in order to get the relevant outcomes.

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