Essay: The Laptop Trend

Sample Essay

The invention of the computer has been the biggest discovery of this century and it is with this invention that the technology era began and is accelerating at a really fast pace. The extent of innovation that has been seen since the introduction of computers is immeasurable.  In the shortest possible span of time, we saw the size of computers shrinking, their speeds becoming faster and faster and the storage capacity increasing limitlessly. Improved graphics, a more user-friendly environment, and easy-to-use applications marked are just some of the innovations of the computer age. The shrinking sizes of computers brought them from supercomputers to personal computers which are on their way to becoming extinct and laptops are fast taking over.

In this article, we’ll try to analyze and compare the personal computers and laptops and try to determine which of these the better option is. Size is the major difference between the two. The smaller size of the laptop not only makes it portable but also easy to handle. On the other hand, the increased size of the desktop adds more room to it for future expansion. Also, it is faster than a laptop because of the chip size is larger. Laptops are more expensive compared to a desktop because of intricate fabrication. Desktops have the advantage of taking more peripheral attachments than a laptop.

In short, both entities have their benefits and disadvantages. It is upon the user to decide which one suits him according to the needs.  In stationary environments, a desktop is a better choice because of its fast processor and more memory capacity. For businessmen who have a lot of traveling to do and want to stay in touch with all the business matters, laptops are a feasible solution.

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