Essay: The Miracles of Sodium

Sample Essay

Sodium is one of the most essential minerals found on planet earth and its existence is vital to human life. Being the sixth most abundant element of Earth, Sodium exists in a variety of types in the form of various compounds. Sodium compounds in the human body are of supreme importance as they help retaining water in the tissues of the body and extreme deficiency of it can also result in death.

Sodium compounds are very popular in industrial usage as well and a lot of chemicals and pharmaceuticals and other everyday products contain them. Needless to mention, the most common form of sodium compound that is present in everyone’s home is sodium chloride, more popularly known as table salt.

What became the basis for sodium’s popularity and abundant availability was its low-cost production in the year 1789 when a French chemist discovered how to make sodium carbonate out of common salt. This is useful in the manufacturing of soap, glass, and explosives, etc. Other famously used compounds of sodium include borax (sodium borate), baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide).

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