Essay: What is Accounting

Sample Essay

Accounting is an extremely important part of businesses all over the world. In fact, not only businesses but individuals in their daily life also have to deal with a lot of accounts on a daily basis. It is something that is related to the finances of an individual or an organization and tax payments etc.

Companies have proper accounts departments with a proper workforce-related who stay up to date with the rules and regulations regarding tax payments and maintain an analysis of the facts and figures, keep evaluating the financial records and maintain a track of the payments and transactions being done. In short, accounting is a game of numbers and one who is good with numbers and counts can prove to be a good accountant.

Learning to account is not easy and obtaining an accounting degree no doubt requires a lot of focus and understanding. Not only does it require extensive theoretical knowledge but one must also go into organizations to see the practical implementation of all the accounting laws and principles. Although it takes up a lot of effort, the fact remains that at the end of the day it is a very rewarding job and one that can never go obsolete as the world revolves around finances and accounting is the need of every organization, big or small, in every country all over the world.

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