Evolution of Postmodernism

Postmodernism, Enlightenment, Modern art, Michael Angelo

Postmodernism Progression

Postmodernism progression was the answer to modernism and the incline in the contemporary philosophical manner in which only unprejudiced truth is valued and acceptable, and unsurprisingly concerned towards a collective imaginative and inventive portrayal of a superior and more advanced and progressive enlightenment. In a literal sense, postmodernism means linked with “Clarification” or absolute Enlightenment. Perceived in a procedural and practical approach, postmodernism can be termed as the cultural expression of the period of the history of modernity, but these narrow parameters are mostly criticized. Modern art is basically a perception, which means that it does not signify that what is revealed, but what a person thinks that it is.

Modern Artists

Some artists who gained recognition as modern artists did so because their paintings depicting life in its originality. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, people flocked to large cities from the rural area, bringing with them their own and distinct art forms, which merged into urban life and formed a new genre of artists and art forms. The Renaissance artists endeavored that their art depicts nature. Abstract art came after this, and most of the individual art items and objects combine contemplation novelty and modernism.  In the early 1990’s cubists started doing new and different things in art that altered the shape of the traditional quaint and pretty stance associated with art

Beginning of Postmodernism

The beginning of Postmodernism can be attributed to Kant’s Critique of Judgments, which is a dissertation on ideas of beauty. This piece of art intensifies the trepidation of the unexpected, and the fluidity displayed is overwhelming, and he easily makes forms, theme, beauty and sensory enjoyment as an integral aspect of his unique creative talent.  This tends to dwarf the very philosophy of beauty, as envisaged by Michael Angelo, and in its place replacing it with an abstract version of art. Postmodern art may be taken as an anti-art or adverse form or art, which has obliterated previous art forms and has stunned its viewers.

Different Types of Arts

All the art of any civilization, including architecture, represents the value that the society tends to associate with art, and the definite purpose of such art, in fact, art represents the purpose of life as perceived by society. A prime and larger than life example of postmodernism was depicted in the creation and construction of the World Trade Centre, as something unique and different from any other forms of art. The preceding three centuries were the subject of traditional realistic art. That was the perfect way of portraying in painting, things in their realistic form, with no abstract or suggestions of implied additional meanings. The type of works that were executed was subject to a sliding order.

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