Existence of Brand

Brand subsists when it has the power to impact the market. This power takes a longer period of time. This time period leans to be small in the condition of teenagers’ brand, fashion brands, and online brands but it tends to be longer in the case of brands like corporate brands and car brands. This influence can be misplaced if the brands discussed above have been mishandled in relation with the competition. Although the brand would contain a brand image, brand awareness and market shares but the brand may not affect the market anymore.

Distributors and customers might buy products due to the price of the product merely, not because they become aware of any special advantage from the brand they use to buy. The price of the brand, the communication of brand, the places where the brands are available and all the other sources of growing experience of the brand make the name of the brand and its supremacy. That’s why; researchers speak about brands as a lifestyle composed of 3 poles namely: services or products, concept, and name. Brands may refer to an individual characteristic like the logo or name, same as the intellectual property. Speaking about the management of the brand, the whole system should have been discussed, unfolding a concept with natural value to services and products that are recognized by a name and signs like a brand’s logo, labels and rest of the other symbols. This brand management explains the restricted nature of the brand. The condition explains as brand exists if services and products also exist.

The concept of brand explains differentiation which explains as an exclusive group of characteristics (either tangible or intangible) that comprise the brands’ value proposition. The brand should be able to call up an innovative idea and it should be attractive. The brand must be experienced at meeting points by customers. The brands must be distributed, communicated, and activated by behaviors in order to gain the leadership and market share. As a brand describes as the supremacy to impact the market, its supremacy elevates as more customers aware of it, convinced and have believed on it. Management of brand is all about achieving power through the creating the brand concept which makes it more recognized, more exchanged or shared, and more bought.

In short, a brand is a collective, attractive and a unique idea personified in services, products, experiences, and places. When this idea has been shared by an increased number of people, the increased supremacy the brand would have. It is all because everyone is aware of the idea of Jaguar and its meaning. Those people who do not have the potential to buy the Jaguar car, are aware of the brand Jaguar and the brand’s power and influence.

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