Forced Marriages

Forced marriage is globally accepted as a human rights violation.   This type of violation is applied against women and children around the globe. Within the territory of England and Wales and in some other parts of the world, a distinction is generated to discuss arrange marriages and forced marriages. An arranged marriage is one in which, parents of both the parties have the imperative role in choosing the partner, but yet again both the partners are at free will to decide if they really want to tie themselves in this bond or not. This forceful act may take place physically by sexual or physical violence, threat, emotional or mental torture, or financial abuse. In a forced marriage, a sexual intercourse or sexual relationship is usually considered as rape; because there is no consent or will is shared between the two people. However, there are certain communities and traditional groups that have their mindset of marrying couples forcefully, without their will and consent.

This leads to numerous social and domestic problems. This practice mainly takes place due to some traditional, cultural, and religious ambiguities that underline the misconception about cultural and religious values. This act of forced marriages has become quite common by the passage of time and is now pretty much evident in the England and Wales. Nonetheless, there are legislations to counter such situation and cases wherever forced marriage is reported. This paper analyses the concept of forced marriages discusses some of the laws and legislations, conventions and acts on forced marriages applied internationally and in England and Wales. Moreover, it also presents some cases to highlight the impact of the international law on  ”forced marriages”.

A “forced marriage” is something in which all parties are forcefully tied in the wedlock, without their consent and will. This is done on the basis of abuse and pressure on the unwilling participants of the marriage. It is considered as a horrendous and vulnerable act, which is practiced illegally in the England and Wales. As discussed above, a couple must be free of their will and consent to marry each other and must always have a choice to take this decision. Forced marriage is proposed to be an act without the legitimate approval of both the people and done by the help of abuse and pressure. Forced marriage is considered as a violation of human rights, where people are forcefully bound to marry someone they do not want to marry. Forced marriage is also linked to early and child marriages, as many victims of forced marriages are reported to be under-age children or young people (not above 18).

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