Government’s policies and recent legislative changes

Unlike other jurisdictions, there are no single encoding sources of civil law. British civil law is determined by the court and by the Legislature. English courts generally interpret the law and the need to follow the same or a higher state court decision on the same subject. Legislation and court decisions of the European Council and the Ministry of Justice, the European Court of Justice decided to adopt the legislation. He partitioned between British High Court and the civil court system County Court. The guidelines for the Supreme Court, which is more than £ 50,000 claims, were for most of the program. The High Court has, through its District Records and the Ministry of Justice jurisdiction in most matters of the Royal Court in London. It is divided into three departments: Justice, throne, and families. Division book about general business issues experts in wills trusts, bankruptcy, and tax. Bench Division (QBD) with all other civil cases, including contract disputes, personal injury cases, industrial accidents, defamation and negligence claims presented. Both equity and the processes of birth and death have specialized courts to deal with specific areas. For example, the birth-death process there are two special courts, commercial courts deal with commercial disputes, as well as cuts and construction techniques, mainly construction and technically disputed transaction. On issues of public importance attractive stage, definitively, the Supreme Court, where the appeal is generally heard by five judges. Sometimes the matter may be referred to the European Court of Justice guidance at the point of the EU legislation.

It is also possible that the two sides reached a (CFA) conditional fee agreement and their lawyers. Normal costs CFA lawyers allowed to charge a success fee on, if the above case is successful, and a reduced rate or free of charge if all cases fail. Success fee can be paid by the other party. They have currently banned contingency fees. There are other methods of financing litigation, for example, legal expenses insurance and third party funds. When you can pay for your own judgment, losing. If not, choose from a variety of procedures for applying the law, including provisions for the confiscation of property, sales or obtain a charging order the losing party property.The main purpose of the human rights provisions in the memorandum of the proposed legal help from the government is “the most to show that in the case of limited public resources to ensure public confidence in the legal aid system.” In the event that the testing proposal live government declared goal is a little more specific: to ensure that limited public resources, tighten when appropriate with close ties to the UK people noted. This move will save money because it will result in fewer people are entitled to legal aid, and the government said the priority use of scarce resources through more equitable benefit from those taxpayers who have not had a strong connection with the UK there is a strong bond.

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