Health and Social Care Professionals

Unit Introduction
It is essential for all health and social care professionals to understand that the service they deliver enables individuals to participate in the decisions that are made about their lives.
First, learners will explore how legislation and the sector skills standards regarding the design and review of services promote independence, which in turn is captured within organizational policies and procedures. Second, learners will investigate factors that can affect participation, independence, and choice, including systems for assessing and minimizing risk. Finally, learners will investigate the administration of medicine and the effectiveness of policies and procedures for administering medication in achieving the best possible outcomes for users of services.
Learners will study legislation and factors that affect the care that is received. Learners will also examine strategies to promote the best possible outcomes for individual users of services.

Your essay should include the following:

1.1 An explanation of how current legislation and sector skills standards influence organizational policies and practices for promoting and maximizing the rights of users of health and social care services.

1.2 An analysis of factors that may affect the achievement of promoting and maximizing the rights of users of health and social care services.

1.3 Analysis of how communication between care workers and individuals contribute to promoting and maximizing the rights of users of health and social care services.

You will need to research information from a variety of sources which should all be accurately referenced. You can back up this information by linking back to your own experiences in placement and referring to legislation and sector skills standards influencing practice in these areas. You should also use your experience when considering factors affecting the promotion of service users’ rights and the role of communication in promoting and maximizing rights.

Your presentation should include:

2.1 An explanation of factors affecting independence and choice, what factors may disempower service users and lead to non- participation and social exclusion.

2.2. An analysis of how organisational systems should promote participation of service users including ensuring performance of workers and empowering individuals.

2.3. An analysis of tensions which arise when balancing the rights of the individual to independence and choice against the care provider’s duty to protect.
Within your booklet you must refer to a case study from a health and Social care area which you have sourced from a journal article or other relevant and reliable media.

Your report should include the following:

3.1 You must identify from your case study the extent to which individuals are at risk of harm, abuse and failure to protect the individual.

3.2 Referring to your case study, provide an analysis of the effectiveness of policies, procedures, and managerial approaches in promoting risk management within a health or social care setting

4.1 Review current legislation, codes of practice and policy that apply to the handling of medication.

4.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of policies and procedures within a health and social care setting for administering medication

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