How Can You Help Hurricane Irma Victim?

Millions of people have been left without any resources in Florida, buildings have been destroyed, and cities have been flooded with water. Many residents of the United States Virgin Islands have no other choice but to gather information from social media and smaller Caribbean Islands do not have enough time to prepare for Hurricane Jose as it approaches.

The global community is on high alert, and NGOs and corporations are collecting resources to help people who are affected by the catastrophic hurricane.

Here is how you can help the hurricane victim:

    The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), is concentrating on providing aid to vulnerable families and children. The UNICEF has distributed aid throughout Caribbean and Florida, and are giving out aid to millions of children who they think will be the most impacted by the storm. You can donate to make sure that they do not run out of supply.
  2. Global Giving
    Global Giving collaborates internationally with local nonprofits to send aid to the ones who need it the most. They gather one time or monthly donations in a general relief fund and then send it to different organizations. You can donate to their Irma aid.
  3. Right to the City
    Right to the City state that, changes made to the climate by humans has intensified storms at extraordinary levels, and low-income and different color communities tend to be affected more by extreme weather events. The organizations have provided many suggestions for how to help, which includes sending aids to the Miami Workers Center, Donations to the Community Recovery Fund, and texting STORM17 to “90975”
  4. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    Animals need your help to protect themselves from the storm, too. As humans evacuate many pets are often left behind without any shelter or care. These organizations are ready to help animals affected by Irma.The ASPCA has by far transported hundreds of animals out of Irma’s way. They have formed an emergency shelter in South Carolina and have responders in Florida assisting local authorities during the storm. All donation will go to ASPCA’s Field Investigation and Response Fund. 
  5. South Florida Wildlife Center
    Due to the intense storm, the Fort Lauderdale based wildlife center is closed. They have a rescue page on which they have provided tips for helping orphaned or injured animals in Irma’s wake. People can also donate to the center to support their efforts to care for southern Florida’s wildlife.
  6. Best Friends Animal Society
    Best Friends Animal Society is a national animal welfare organization has a page devoted to locating and reporting missing pets and distributing resources to pet owners who are affected by Irma. Individuals can donate and also volunteer to help with their pet rescue program.
  7. Facebook
    With the help of Facebook’s Community Help feature people are using it to offer and request help for volunteer, shelter, work, clothing, water, and other assistance.
  8. GoFundMe GoFundMe has generated a centralized hub for all Hurricane Irma relief projects. Donors can also make a tax-deductible donation to the Direct Impact Fund. Direct Impact Fund, is an independent nonprofit that is partners with GoFundMe to support verified campaigns.

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