How HR Issues can be mitigated in the Hospitality Industry?

Through preventative and effective measures, these challenging issues can be mitigated efficiently by HR. Issues within the hospitality industry can be lessened by adding employee appreciation/recognition and leadership in the organization. These challenges can be lessened by the implementation of an effective employee recognition program, also it enhances employee engagement and adds more value to the business. This can program can only be reinforced through great leadership and management skills. The acknowledgment of accomplishments, efforts, and behaviors of a team or an individual that support the values and goals of the organization is referred to as employee recognition. It involves providing positive feedback to employees on the work which they do.

Other steps include attaching a thanking note with the paycheck of the employee, taking an employee out for lunch, asking an employee to represent you at an organizational meeting, or giving an employee a day off or when he/she do a good job. Also, it includes, has a team meeting outside the office, giving out hour-off certificates to employees, acknowledging their life events, like work anniversaries and birthdays, and organizing celebrations for them. Also, acknowledging them for their work in special events, like, board meeting, management meeting, or staff meeting. Also, the newsletter of the organization can be used as a method of acknowledging the employee for his efforts, sharing positive comments with them which you heard about them from others, and providing them with a personal thanking note.

The employee recognition/appreciation programs go hands in hands with leadership. When an individual has numerous followers in an organization, he/she is perceived as a leader. The capacity of translating a vision into a reality is referred to as leadership. The significance of qualities of leadership within the hospitality industry cannot be denied. Businesses can be made or break when good or bad leadership qualities are exhibited by managers of the hospitality industry. Both business skills and people skills are required in order to be an effective leader. The people skills involve managing effective customer relations, having abilities to resolve problems, giving respect and fair playing amongst the employees. The business skills having good knowledge about technology and its recent trends, having a good business sense, and bookkeeping the procedures of the organization.

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