How to prepare for the thesis defense

You and a committee of two or three professors from your university will normally attend your thesis defense. Other individuals may be included, such as experts from other colleges or others who work in your industry. You will be questioned about your work during your thesis defense. The key goal of your thesis defense is for the committee to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of your field and concentration.

The questions are generally open-ended, requiring the student to consider their work objectively. Your thesis writing has already been analyzed at the time of the thesis defense. The questions asked are not designed so that you must aggressively “defend” your work, often your thesis defense is more of a formality required so that you can get your degree.

A thesis defense can take as little as 20 minutes or as much as two hours or more. This is often dependent on the amount of time allotted for the presentation and questioning. Below, we will go over the various components of a thesis defense in greater detail.

What happens at a thesis defense?

To begin, keep in mind that thesis defenses differ from country to country. This is just a general overview; in various countries, a thesis defense will take several different forms. Some are private, and others are open to the public. Others have two examiners, while most have more. As previously said, the duration of your thesis defense is the same. As a result, the most critical first step for you is to discuss the framework of your thesis defense with your department.

You will be required to make a slideshow, which you would most likely do using PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote slides. Be sure you have a sufficient number of slides. For a 20-minute lecture, a general rule is to use only 10 slides. However, this is dependent on the own subject and presentation style. The good news is that you will have plenty of time to prepare your slides and practice your presentation both individually and in front of friends or family before your thesis defense.

The questions will almost certainly revolve around the central material of your thesis, such as what you learned from the analysis you did, as well as why you selected your subject and how it will add to the body of information. You will also be asked to write a summary of your observations. Read your whole thesis before answering the questions so you know exactly what you have written.

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