How to replace ‘you’ in an essay?

Importance of formal paper in an academic text

When writing academic text students must keep in mind that pronouns I, you and we are not suitable for both academic, professional, and formal paper. When writing academic paper students must keep in mind to sound impersonal, objective and functional. Furthermore, words such as me, my, you’re, yours, and ourselves are unsuitable. These words are only applicable when the writer is the central focus, such as in a CV. For a perfect formal paper, students must follow the formal essay writing rules when working on their academic task.

How to replace ‘you’ in an essay?

Are you still wondering how to replace ‘you’ in an essay? Below are some techniques to apply when working on a formal paper.

  1. The most common way to avoid and replace ‘you’ is to use passive verbs. However, passive verbs cannot always replace an informal subject pronoun.
  2. One is a better alternative for replacing ‘you.’ However, overuse of ‘one’ can generate an over-formal tone.
  3. Use the word ‘people,’ ‘somebody,’ and ‘someone.’
  4. Remove an unnecessary ‘you.’
  5. Make sure everything is set correctly.
  6. Rearrange sentences, and do not forget to double check

Formal essay writing rules

Formal writing is used when writing for academic and scientific means. Furthermore, it is practiced when students want to deliver their ideas to an audience. Below are the formal essay writing rules which a student must remember when writing a formal paper.

  1. Write meaningful sentences, paragraph, and arguments along with a well-defined thesis statement.
  2. Most of the academic writing have one main topic which is to be defined in the thesis. The thesis statement must be mentioned in the introduction and conclusion. The reader should not be in any doubt about your thesis.
  3. First make the topic evident, then discuss it, and then conclude it. At each stage, students must tell the reader what they are trying to say. After which, students must clear all the main and sub-points they have to mention about the topic.
  4. Even though you have to focus on one topic that does not mean that you have to be only one-sided.
  5. Transitions may be difficult, but it is essential to include them in your formal paper. Each sentence should follow the other sentence smoothly.
  6. Be professional and diplomatic.
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