How to Write a Discussion Essay?

Discussion essay is also known as argument essay consists of topics which are mostly broad and debatable.  In a discussion essay, students need to evaluate both sides of a situation and to conclude the paper by writing which side they support.

Discussion Writing Topics

When choosing a discussion writing topic, it is essential for a student to have a general interest in that particular topic.

Below are some discussion writing topics which you can consider writing on:

  1. Should animals be used for research?
  2. Are beauty pageants exploitative?
  3. Should abortion be abolished?
  4. Should military service be mandatory?
  5. Should Supreme Court proceedings be televised?
  6. Can gun control help control the crime rate?
  7. Media influence on body dissatisfaction.
  8. Does freedom of speech give people the right to use hate speech?
  9. Social media create isolation.
  10. Is it acceptable for women to breastfeed in public?

Writing a Discussion Essay Tips

When writing a discussion essay keep check of the following guidelines, to write a good discussion.

  1. Select a topic of your interest, to avoid boredom and frustration when writing a discussion essay.
  2. Do not select a topic which does not have any relevant arguments.
  3. For a good discussion, essay students need to keep a balanced point of view.
  4. Make sure to spend time researching intensively about the topic.
  5. The facts and opinions need to be balanced.
  6. Before starting the discussion essay draft a detailed outline and the main points which are to be discussed.
  7. Start a discussion paper introduction by mentioning all issues regarding tour topic.
  8. The body of the paper should include details of the problems individually, with the help of the materials gathered.
  9. Begin with weak arguments followed by strong arguments.
  10. All the questions must be answered.
  11. Examples are a must.
  12. Linking of words and phrases should be used correctly.
  13. The conclusion includes a summarized detail of the information mentioned in the body of the essay.

How to Start a Discussion Paper

There are different structures of a discussion paper. However, there are several factors which are common. Following are pointers on how to start a discussion paper:

  1. Start a discussion paper with a general statement, which means introducing the reader to the topic you have selected.
  2. If needed you can mention your opinion.
  3. If the topic consists of technical words, students need to provide a definition.
  4. Most importantly, do not forget to write a thesis statement. A thesis helps the reader know what topics will be covered in the discussion essay.

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