Essay on Reinforce Exclusion and Discrimination

It is the responsibility and role of individuals working in adult care practice to assure that inclusion, diversity, and equality is promoted to all of the adults in the adult care section. This can be done by showing them respect and dignity and allowing their dignity and privacy in the manner that suits the adult. Moreover, it is also important that the choice of considering their own decisions is provided to each adult and that their opinion and decision is valued. It is also important to create a productive environment in which all of the adults feel valued. Employees working in adult care practice must also assure that offensive or negative images and languages are avoided as stereotypes may be conveyed by them. It is also important to assure that adults in the adult care center are supervised so that they are aware of their rights related to diversity and equality.

Besides, it is their responsibility to assure that discrimination is eliminated and equality is promoted in the adult care centre. This can be done uniquely by engaging all of the adults that are making extensive use of the services and their families in shaping future support. I also help these adults in creating their objectives, goals, and vision. Moreover, the individuals work towards creating an environment where discrimination is challenged and equality is supported.

Concerning to adults in tackling discrimination, the individuals must work together with them and increase their awareness of the significance of quality. It is also about challenging others if required and providing significant support to adults when in need. However at times, it may be quite difficult to challenge discrimination; therefore, it is significant to consider how to deal with difficult and different scenarios. For challenging discrimination, individuals must require knowledge about practice, procedures, and policy. If they know what good practice means only when it will be quite easy for me to deal with incidents efficiently. Secondly, discrimination at times may happen due to lack of understanding or ignorance, thereby in such cases, it is quite difficult to change the perspective of others. However, it is important to challenge the discriminatory actions and comments.

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