Inequality in Today’s Society

Social Inequality

Social inequality corresponds to the presence of unequal opportunities as well as rewards for distinctive social statuses and positions. Despite the fact that the United States differs from the majority of the European nation that has titled nobility, the country is still highly stratified. Along these lines, social inequality still exists in various parts of the country. It is eminent to note here that social inequality has several crucial domains including ethnicity, race, ancestry, schooling, occupational prestige, and power.

The significance of Social Inequality

Social inequality signifies the disparities in the distribution of the income and economic assets along with the overall quality of living in the society. The author further noted that there are two fundamental ways of social inequality including inequality of opportunities and inequality of conditions. The inequality of conditions corresponds to the unequal distribution of material goods, wealth and income. On the other hand, inequality of opportunities corresponds to the unequal distribution of life opportunities which is evident in measures such as treatment by the criminal justice system, health status, and education. Social inequality is often reflected in discrimination at the individual, community and institutional level with respect to sexuality, gender, class and less. For instance, at the majority of the occasions, it has been observed that women are paid less than men for the same level of work.

Social Stratification

Often the term social stratification is utilized by the sociologists to signify the ranking of individuals in social groups or strata. Along these lines, individuals are divided into groups such as African Americans or Asian Americans.  In other words, people in the society are segregated by social characteristics such as sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, race, and class while these characteristics shape the opportunities, experiences, and history in the United States as well as other regions of the world. However, differentiating the individuals on the basis of social class increase the gap between poor and rich which in turn threatens social cohesion, weakens democratic life and economic progress.

Hence, there is a need to for social protection to protect the individuals from unjust inequality. It is important to ensure that social inequality is addressed to resolve this issue. Businesses can ensure equal opportunities for all the workers. At the school level, racial inequality can be fixed by preventing discrimination among children based on the color of their skin. On the other hand, at work level, racial inequality can be eliminated by making education, housing and jobs equal across the board.

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