Informative Details about Islam

Informative Details about Islam

Details about Islam

Islam is the fastest growing and youngest religion among all monotheistic religions. The incidence of 9/11 attacks on the United States, Muslims and Islam were towards the vanguard position of western media. After 9/11 the trend of terrorism by using the name of Islam has been increased rapidly. Evidence showed that Muslims were involved in the attacks of foreign countries and American Embassies. On 20 September 2001, George W. Bush has declared the war against terrorism which specifically focused on the war against the Islamized terrorism; however, the association of Islam with terrorism on the basis of the recent attacks on America was just an overreaction by the whole world. The global war strategy of USA was begun in Afghanistan and hastened in Iraq; though the terrorist organizations are decentralized and they are not limited to any particular country or region and it’s not easy to determine their strength but they specifically operate their terrorist activities from weak states and those countries that have a poor justice system.

The concept of New Terrorism

The concept of new terrorism is far more different from the old terrorism which focused on the national liberation or secession through a revolution of short-term political power. The new concept of terrorism is motivated by the religious beliefs and it is more deadly and obsessive than the old terrorism. The main focused of new terrorism is to transform the world by spreading scared violence through different terrorist activities. Moreover, the new terrorism is more inclined to use fatal methods to destroy the world.

The concept of Islamized terrorism has been originated when Usama bin Laden’s (al-Qaida) organization has repeatedly attacked America by using the name of Islam and by using the motive of war against western culture. The fundamental concept of Islamized terrorist is that western culture is against the ideology and principles of Islam. The origination of new terrorism (anti-western terrorism) is directly linked with the fundamentalism of Islam. Moreover, the fraction of Shi’ite Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Israel, Armed Islamic Group in Algeria, Islamic Group in Egypt and the recent network of Usama Bin Laden has used the name of Islam in their terrorist activities.

The Terrorist Organizations

The terrorist organizations in the Middle East have a tiny population of the whole society, but because of their violent activities and their association with Islam, these organizations are the attention of government and societies around the world. Besides the terrorism in the Middle East where the association of religion and terrorism shared a vast history, the extravagant acts of terrorism across the globe by using the name of Islam affects the image of Muslim around the world. The terrorist organizations are vastly different from their doctrines, origins, and practices but they are unified in justifying for spreading scared violence, by retaliating their own community people. Moreover, the activities of terrorist organizations are not merely linked to any specific gender or any specific personality factors. The main purpose of Islamized terrorism is to target maximum people at one time. The concept of Islamized terrorism is escalating rapidly in both developed and developing countries; however, the root cause of terrorism is still unidentifiable and it still needs further investigation.

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